Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some pups are just born stars!

Alas, Paddy is still waiting for her big break....

Literally! Animal Planet is looking for dogs and cats in the New York Tri-State area that are expecting litters sometime around mid- to late- September to take part in two one-hour documentaries. The show will focus on the early lives of three puppies and three kittens, and will be told from their perspective (sooo cute!)-- with the goal of capturing all of those adorable milestones that make us go "awww". Filming will take place over several weeks, but will only require a commitment of 4-6 shoots during that time. If you're interested in participating, contact Jamie Carroll with the below information at: carroll@trueentertainment.net

Your Name 
Your Phone Number 
Your Email Address 
Your City, State and Proximity to NYC 

Animal’s Name 
Breed of Dog/Cat 
Number of Weeks Pregnant 
Any health concerns/complications 

xoxo The Barkistas

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