Sunday, February 27, 2011

Take Note: Moleskine's Dog Journal

Here at Barkzilla, we're kind of old-school, which is why we love Moleskine notebooks. Designed to withstand the test of time and protect your stuff, we were thrilled to find out they've recently come out with a dog-themed journal. Designed to help record and keep track of all the moving parts in your pup's life from day one, the notebook has 5 themed sections including: Getting Ready (for those super organized who are in the process of finding their new canine companion), Personality, Dog Log, Traveling and Care.

Though everything is "paper-less" and "digital" these days, we really prefer to have hard copies of important snapshots or Paddy-related documents. I mean, honestly-- is there anything most satisfying than flicking through a well organized notebook?

We don't know if you can tell from the photo, but both covers actually have super cute doggy silhouettes embossed on them. And just like some of the other Moleskine passions notebooks we've seen, our doggie diary has some fun additions like a breed list and dog-to-human-year conversion chart (holy merde, Paddy is almost 28?!). You can also visit Moleskine's site to download additional templates to paste into your notebook.

The sections we love most in our new doggy Moleskine? By far, the vaccination record chart and blank spaces for photographs and sketches.

"I am so ready to tell my story! Put down that camera and start taking notes, lady!"
We're really looking forward to filling ours out and will share it with you once we've started!

All-in-all Moleskine's newest notebook makes it super easy to be organized and create a forever-record of all things pup related. 

Available from for a very reasonable $13.57.

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas

p.s. If you have a cat, there's also a feline version!

Disclaimer: Samples were provided by PR for review. Please see our disclaimer for more information.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

#ThursdayBling: Green with Envy

Since we missed #ThursdayBling last week, we're bringing it back all kinds of fierce this week!

Um hello BLING and just in time for St. Patrick's Day! This gorgeous emerald "9 Row Swarovski Crystal Collar Peridot" will have all the other dogs in the neighborhood barking with envy. Lined with super soft leather, it comes in a variety of colors and sizes. 

Pick yours up from Two Poodles & Me for $120.

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Evermore Challenge

Have you heard about this?! That's right: for the entire month of March, two women are eating nothing but dog food for a month. 

Albeit, it is super fancy schmancy dog food, but still-- I can't wrap my stomach around it. Sure, we've tried little pieces of the food we've cooked for Paddy (mostly baked treats)... but soft dog food? Not sure if we would be committed enough...

Anyway, the two women in question are Alison Weiner and Hanna Mandelbaum, co-founders of the dog food company, Evermore, which is based in nearby Brooklyn. Fueled by the belief that "since pets don’t have the luxury of making that choice, we owe them the best," they cook up delicious chicken and beef meals that are produced in a USDA- and FDA-inspected kitchen in strict compliance with HACCP food safety standards. In fact, Alison and Hanna are so dedicated to the quality of Evermore that they personally taste-test each new batch. 

In March, they take this personal commitment to a whole new level with their month-long dog-food only diet to make the point that what they make for your pooch is good enough to sustain YOU as well. To find out more, watch the video below:

Apparently Hanna and Alison aren't the only ones dining for the dogs-- as featured in the above segment, dog trainer Nikki Moustaki is eating her own "lucky dog cuisine," to help raise awareness about Nitro's Law, which would make animal abuse penalties in Ohio more serious.

While we're not quite ready to join 'em, we raise our forks and salute them! What say you? Have you tried your pet's food?

Make sure to follow Alison and Hanna's dog food adventures starting in March on their website!

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Petit Four Legs

It's official. The Barkistas are OBSESSED with the treats from Petit Four Legs. OBSESSED. It is very rare that we get something in the mail that gets us so excited. Founded by a classically trained pastry chef, Petit Four Legs bakes their treats in small batches out of a kitchen in Seattle, Washington using 100% human grade ingredients without any fillers, by-products, or preservatives.

First of all, we're suckers for adorable baked goods-- and these really take the cake (harty har har). Dressed up in yogurt frosting, these little treats are a present for your pup's taste buds.

Second, apparently they taste yummy. Even though the treats were a little bit on the larger size for a dog of Paddy's size, she managed to break it down on her own.

A close up of the Carob Chip Petit Fours-- So Breakfast at Tiffany's!
When it comes to their Petit Fours, pick from Carob Chip (the blue and white treats) or Peanut Butter (pink). Bags of 4 treats retail for $6, while boxes of 12 are available for $20. 

Petit Four Legs also donates a portion of their proceeds to Homeward Pet, a nonprofit no-kill shelter dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of injured and homeless animals in the Pacific Northwest. They're also eco-friendly and currently compost 100% of all compostable kitchen and office waste and recycle 100% of all received packaging material.

Is it possible to love Petit Four Legs and their ADORABLE treats even more? Seriously, these are going straight to the top of our Oprah-styled "Favorite Things" list.
Stop by their site to checking out their amazing selection (look for our review of the Cupcake set soon!) and treat your pooch.

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas

Disclaimer: Samples were provided by PR for review. Please see our disclaimer for more information.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Doggy Fainting Couch

While the minuscule apartment we live in is definitely not amenable to dog furniture (I mean come on, we have a hard enough time fitting in a couch and a coffee table), we're swooning over this piece from Juicy Couture. Technically, it's called the "Dog Chaise Bed," but doesn't "Fainting Couch" sounds so much more romantic and Mad Men-esque? Covered in classic Juicy velour and trimmed with rope around the seams, it is a must for any over-indulged pup that whose home is larger than 500 sq ft.

Available from Juicy Couture.

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas

p.s. Seriously, where does Juicy find their canine models? We don't want to hate, but Paddy would be so much cuter…

Friday, February 18, 2011

Knit Your Dog

Have you ever wanted to knit your own dog? Well, if you have, now you can! (Um, also, really, who hasn't wanted a mini knit version of their dog?) Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne's new book Knit Your Own Dog combines their love of dogs with their mad-crazy knitting skills. The pair, who have previously published several books-- including one on how-to knit your dog accessories, have created 25 patterns for breeds like the English Sheep Dog, Portuguese Water Dog and even the Afghan Hound. (Hmm, we wonder if there's a Yorkie or Maltese pattern in there?)

Pick up your copy of Knit Your Own Dog from
And for those that aren't "crafty", or lack the motivation to knit their own woolly companion (aka: me), visit Sally and Joanna's website to purchase a ready-to-adopt knit pup and check out their gorgeous knitwear.

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas

 p.s. Looks like they changed the cover for the US-- here's what the UK's looked like (we dig it more!):

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Emily & Einstein

Somehow during the madness leading up to and during New York Fashion Week, we found time to pick up a new book that's hitting shelves in March. While it wasn't necessarily a page turner, we enjoyed the advance copy of Emily & Einstein that we received. The latest work by Linda Francis Lee, who is  based in New York, it's also set in the Big Apple. The premise? A young Manhattanite discovers that after the sudden death of her husband that all is not what it seemed. Though she seeks solace and companionship in a shelter rescue named Einstein, the book focuses more on human relationships than that between dog and owner. Why do we say that even though the back of the book might lead you to believe otherwise? Highlight the following text for a spoiler.... her dead husband's spirit is transferred into the body of the dog!So... even though there's a dog... most of the story told from he pup's point of view is humanized.

Oddly enough, we were surprised that out of the two characters, Emily and Einstein, it was Einstein that was most developed-- which is why, we don't think we'd classify the book as traditional "Chick Lit". In fact, Emily was kind of irritating-- not because she's poorly written, but because in many ways she's realistic.

While the book is on the longer side (though not necessarily long-winded), we enjoyed the non-linear storyline and dual narrators-- it made it easy to read in chunks of time, which is all we've had the last few weeks. There weren't too many "weepy" moments, but there were definitely one or two that had us reaching for the tissues. (Which takes a lot for us-- something really has to hit home in order to get our eyes to well up.) Some unbelievable events, but again-- isn't that why we read fiction?

We definitely recommend you check it out-- Emily & Einstein could be a fun book club read for people who love dogs, reading, or both! And after all, isn't discussing a book with others part of what makes reading fun? Would also be a fun spring break or beach read! Pre-order your paper or Kindle copy from

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas 

Disclaimer: Samples were provided by PR for review. Please see our disclaimer for more information.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Barkzilla Test Kitchen: Zeal & Perfect Form

This weekend we fired up the Barkzilla test kitchen and sampled The Honest Kitchen's new Zeal formula. Though Paddy is 99% happy with her current dry food diet, we're not convinced it gives her all of the nutrients she needs. In fact, the only reason we've stuck with our current brand is because she refuses to pretty much each anything else.

Designed for picky eaters with sensitive stomachs (hmm, I think I know one of those around here...), Zeal is grain and gluten free, made from human-grade ingredients, 100% natural, and packed with yummy ingredients like haddock, apples, bananas, cranberries and green beans, to give your dog the nutrients and vitamins he/she needs to look and feel their best. We also incorporated Honest Kitchen's Perfect Form herbal supplement into the batch of Zeal we made, as they recommended using it to help Paddy transition. 

We were really pleased that Paddy finished the little sample we made for her, and we're definitely going to give it a try for the rest of the week. Though, sometimes she starts off excited about a new food and then gets tired of it by day 2... sigh. Anyway, we'll keep you updated!

If Zeal or Perfect Form sounds like they could be a good fit for your pooch's diet, head over to The Honest Kitchen's site to find out more!

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas

Disclaimer: Samples were provided by PR for review. Please see our disclaimer for more information.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Martha Stewart Doggy DIY

Look, we love you Martha Stewart we really do.... but we'd love you even more if instead of telling us how you made this adorable waste bag holder, you'd just make one for us.

Check out the latest how-to from the workshop of America's favorite domestic goddess. Designed to attach to your lease and hold waste bags, we love that you can stuff it with plastic bags you may already have. 

If you've got the necessary tools (seriously, who owns a grommet setter in the city?!), and patience, we'd love to see your results. We'd also possibly buy it off of you... 

For complete instructions, visit Martha's website.

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas

p.s. Thanks mom for tipping us off about this DIY project. It means a lot to us that you think we'd have the moxie and crafting skills to have pulled this off!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Doin' the Dishes

Before we welcomed the Morkie into our life, we were kinda partial to Bernese Mountain Dogs. Unfortunately, urban living is not too conducive to having a 100+ lb dog. Luckily for us, we found Paddy-- however, we do dream of being in place one day (oh the suburbs!) where we'll be able to have a Berner. (Yeah, don't tell Paddy about that...) WHICH, to conclude this story, is why we dig these towels.

Made from 100% cotton and featuring hand stitching, they're almost too nice to dry the dishes with.

Available from Anthropologie for $18 each.

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas

Thursday, February 10, 2011

#ThursdayBling: Always By Your Side

Sorry puppies, this week's #ThursdayBling is not for you. 

Show your puppy love with this pretty necklace from Monserat De Lucca by Mafia. 

We love the long length and that it's on sale right now at for $29.99.

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pet Flys Lends a Paw

When the weather goes below zero, we often think about the people and pets who have not got somewhere warm to go home to. PetFlys has created three toys from which a portion of the proceeds benefit Pets of the Homeless, a non-profit volunteer organization that provides pet food, shelter and veterinary care to pets of the homeless and less fortunate in communities across the United States and Canada. 

Choose from Hope the Elephant, Faith the Giraffe, and Peace the Camel-- or better yet, pick up all three from Pet Flys' site for $18 (individually they retail for $7). Make sure to also stop by Pets of the Homeless' site to find out more about the organization and how you can get involved!

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas

Monday, February 7, 2011

Groundhogs Like to Lie...

With all of the cold weather lately, we've been getting a bit bored with our outerwear. As it looks like winter is here to stay (seriously, I don't trust human weather people, so why would I really trust a groundhog?), we've been checking out some new options. One of our favorites? This chic little Italian style puffy coat from NYC design shop Sam and Tasha's Fall 2010 line. The quilted coat features a faux fur trim, hood, fleece lining and a d-ring attachment (yay!). In addition to being ever-so-stylish, at $58 it also won't break the bank.

Available in small-dog friendly sizes. Visit Sam & Tasha's website to purchase.

Wags &Kisses,
The Barkistas

Sunday, February 6, 2011

K9 Aide

The weather on Sunday was glorious in the city-- 40 degrees and abundant sunshine, so we took advantage of the above freezing temperatures to head over to Chelsea Waterside Dog Run. Even though it was still a little too slushy for Paddy to work up a sweat (OK, so she spent most of the time on my lap watching the other dogs...), after the multiple avenue walk home she was thirsty. What better time to try out K9 Aide?

A "water-based wellness plan" for dogs that is packed with ingredients that are designed to revitalize and detoxify your pup's body, we received a beef and chicken combo pack to try. Simply mix the water-soluble contents of the pack with a 16.9 ounce bottle of water, and you're good to go.

Manufactured in a GMP lab "following the strict mandates of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration," K9 Aide contains L-Glutathione and other nutrients like Vitamin E, glycerin, electrolytes, and B-23 folates. The products claims it will help to boost your dog's immune system, restore electrolytes, help alleviate aches and pains, aid in the recovery process and slow the aging process (wait... what?).

Unfortunately, while making the mix, Paddy decided to indulge herself at her usual water bowl and thus didn't really have much interest in trying out the K9 Aide. We left the K9 Aide dish out for her all afternoon, but as we might have mentioned before-- she's pretty picky when it comes to what she likes to eat and drink, and where. It may have been the dish-- it may have been the fact that it was flavored, we're not really sure. While we might try again, at the end of the day, Paddy's pretty happy with just water. Honestly, sometimes she's just a simple pup.

We're not really sure if K9 Aide does everything it says, as it's kind of hard to evaluate the claims-- but it sounds like it might be a good investment, especially if your dog lives in a warm climate.

If you're interested in finding out more about K9 Aide or purchasing your own, visit their website

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas

Disclaimer: Samples were provided by PR for review. Please see our disclaimer for more information.

Chewy Buddy Biscuits

We're familiar with the original crunchy Buddy Biscuits, but didn't realize there was a soft version until we were tipped off by our pals over at Phetched. If you're already a fan, you'll be pleased to know that you can now treat your pet to three new flavors of Chewy Buddy Biscuits: Duck, Sweet Potato and Lamb!The nice folks at CloudStar are super awesome and recently sent us a bag of their NEW Duck Chewy Buddy Biscuits for Paddy to try out. Very few treats (especially the soft variety), capture Paddington the Picky's attention- but it's pretty safe to say she LOVED them.

Even though, she was a little bit grumpy after having a "Pawdicure" this morning, Paddy wasted no time assuming her duties as Chief Barkzilla Taste Tester.  Made from natural ingredients, you won't find corn, soy, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, or things like propylene glycol, BHA, and BHT which are common in soft treats. While we thought that we'd have to break the Buddy Biscuit into pieces for Paddy, but she had no problem tackling them. (For the record, we did try breaking them, and found that because of their great consistency you don't wind up with a handful of super small crumbs.)

Other things we loved: a resealable bag that actually reseals and I mean, come on-- how adorable are those little guys?

Apologies if it's a little blurry-- only had a few seconds to shoot the pic before the little buddy was gone!

Overall, Paddy definitely gives the Barkzilla Wag of Approval to the Duck Chewy Buddy Biscuits! In fact, she's looking pretty sneaky and I can tell she's already plotting how to get her paws on the rest of the bag....

Available in seven different flavors, you can pick up your Chewy Buddy Biscuits in stores that carry the CloudStar line, or from online retailers like or PetCo. Here are the results of our Google search if you're looking to track them down.

Happy snacking!

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas

Disclaimer: Samples were provided by PR for review. Please see our disclaimer for more information.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Way to the Heart of a Barkista definitely a path paved with treats.  

For some reason, Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that we just can't help celebrate… I'm 99% sure that it has something to do with the massive amount of seasonal sweets that start showing up in our local Duane Reade in January. 

We're also 99% sure that Paddy has no grasp of the concept of Valentine's Day, and thus assume she also enjoys Valentine's Day mostly for the toys and treats we indulge her with (seriously… we need to re-examine our relationship).

While we can't shower her with chocolate kisses or Necco SweetHearts, we can give her the next best thing: check out this tasty looking Valentine's Day Sampler from PetCo! Chock full of yummy treats, including adorable conversation heart biscuits (!!) and cookies covered in dog-friendly frosting and sprinkles.

Available from online from PetCo for $6.99.

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas

Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Heart #ThursdayBling

This week's #ThursdayBling is a little bit more subdued, and though seasonally themed, appropriate for year-round wear. Pair these cute little barrettes on your pooch with a collegiate varsity-esque sweater ( interestingly enough, we just spotted one over at Gilt Groupe) for a look that we suspect will be so adorable that it may burn holes in your retinas. For real. You've been warned.

Available from Trixie & Peanut; $15 for a set of three (two single hearts and three heart clip).

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas
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