Monday, August 30, 2010

The Dog Bible: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know

Summertime and the livin' is easy...

Okay, so, in an attempt to stretch summer out for as long as possible, we're planning on re-stocking our terrace with some fresh new blooms. While browsing at the local flower shop, a small little bell went off in our heads- wait, aren't there some plants that aren't good for your pets? Azaleas, English ivy, eucalyptus, amaryllis... visions of one sick pup began to dance in front of our eyes. Thus, we turned right away to our number-one go-to resource: The Dog Bible

Written by dog guru Tracie Hotchner, The Dog Bible contains just about everything you would ever need to know about when it comes to owning a dog (and as the rest of the title says: "everything your dog wants you to know" too!).

The answer to why I wrote this book is sort of the opposite of Mt. Everest and why people climb it - in this case, I wrote the book because it did not exist. Having owned and loved dogs literally from the time I was born, I have so often wanted information or had problems and been unable to find information or get reliable advice. I realized that I’m not alone - all dog lovers need a book they can reach for with support and information on any subject relating to their dogs. The way that parents can consult Dr. Spock to clarify a situation and make informed decisions for their particular situation, so should people have an encyclopedic guide for their canine companions," explains Hotchner on her website. 

This volume covers the gamut: Dog 911, doggy biology and anatomy, feeding, behavior, grooming, training, dangerous substances- just about anything you can think about. Really- even the most inane/silly/small questions we could conjure up were covered. We appreciate this greatly, being owners of a considerable amount of pet literature; it's great to have all of the answers in one book. A must-have for the first-time dog owner (or prospective pup parent), even as seasoned doggy people we've found this book a priceless resource. Hotchner offers an unbiased, informed, organized approach that doesn't try to force her methods or beliefs on the reader.

Enjoyable to read (would someone please tell most dog-guide owners that all we really want is basic English?!) and very well researched, it also features a great index for quick solutions and troubleshooting. A good refresher for even the most knowledgeable dog parent (after all, aren't we always looking for validation that we're doing the best/right thing for our pet?), it also makes a great new puppy present. 

Check out Hotchner's site and swing by to snag a copy of this must-have if it's not on your shelves already. We guarantee your copy will become a dog-eared staple and that you'll end up picking up several for the other dog lovers in your life! 

xoxo The Barkistas

p.s. And for all you cat owners out there, Tracie is also the author of The Cat Bible: Everything Your Cat Expects You To Know!

Disclaimer: This book was purchased by us for review.

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