Thursday, September 24, 2015

Henri Bendel Canine Collection Fall 2015

Henri Bendel has expanded their canine collection and introduced a few new goodies for fall.

The pièce de résistance of the collection is their new Luxury Pet Carrier, which is crafted from Saffiano leather and folds down into a play mat. Featuring a terry cloth pad/cushion, it can hold up to an 11 pound doggy fashionista. (We were a little bit surprised that they went with a terry cloth pad vs. something more plush, like a fleece or sheepskin.)

While it will break the bank at $448 + tax, you can add your own customized monogram, which got us thinking what initials we'd roll with... after all, we've never given much thought to Paddy's middle name... Anyhow. Besides the price, our other concern is weight - while I'm not too familiar with the leather in question, that could make the bag a little on the hefty side to start with without your bestie inside.

On the more budget friendly side ($48), HB also is offering their take on the poop bag holder, "The West 57th Dog Baggie" in pink or black which hides your doggy's bags inside a chic looking pouch. We love the look, but probably not the hassle of having to unsnap the container each time we need a bag. It's also not clear if the roll snaps into anything inside the pouch or if it's just loose, which could spell disaster. (Seriously... who designed this?)

If we were to indulge ourselves in anything from HB's Fall Collection, it would be this Packable Dog Bowl, which folds up into a nice little wallet sized thingy. Though expensive (again $48... that seems to be Henri Bendel's magic number), it is compact and definitely very cute with their trademark brown and white stripes. The outside is leather and the inside bowls are coated canvas. 

What luxuries do you indulge your dog in?

Friday, September 18, 2015

Bissell SpotBot Pet Review

This review really should be entitled, "My Best Friend is a Carpet Cleaning Robot."

First off, I want to be clear - we were NOT compensated for this post. We spent our own cold hard cash on this purchase, and its was worth every cent.

Even the best-trained, most-housebroken dog, will have the occasional indoor accident. And trust us, the only sadder thing than your dog having a stomach bug is cleaning up the symptoms...

One of our neighbors recommended the Bissell SpotBot Pet to us earlier this summer when we were on the hunt to find something to help keep our carpet clean. While we used to be hardcore fans of Nature's Miracle, we found it was leaving some weird residue on our carpet (blame our building for installing super cheap flooring, sigh). Neighbors, who have a puppy, swore by their SpotBot, and since we had a 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon we picked one up earlier this summer.

Our magic duo! 

It has been a godsend. Not only has it removed older "surprise" stains we've discovered, but it works amazingly well on fresh stains. We use a combination of the Pet Stain & Odor and OxyClean formulas in our cleaner, and it has lifted everything out of our carpets 100% of the time. In addition to getting out the yucky, it also removes dirty and all kinds of other gross things you can't see -- case in point, check out the nasty water that will be left over. We vacuum religiously and the water is still an awful dark color. Ewwww...

Featuring a combination of brushes that deep clean into the fibers of your carpet, the SpotBot Pet also has a hose attachment you can use for hard to reach places or extra scrubbing. We have yet to try it out, but it's on our list of Fall Cleaning activities. 

Super compact and light enough to easily haul around apartment, once I get started cleaning the carpets I can't stop... It's also worked wonders on non-pet related stains (hello carpet, meet coffee...).

Doing a quick search, it looks like is currently offering this model at a super good price ($107). BB&B also tends to regularly have coupons, which also can be used towards the purchase of this product.

What do you use to keep your carpets looking clean?

Monday, September 14, 2015

Halloween Dog Treats 2015

Readers of this blog may already know that here at Barkzilla, we take Halloween VERY seriously. Now that Labor Day weekend has come and gone, it's time for us to start preparing! Much to our delight, this year several dog treat manufacturers are releasing special Halloween themed treats! YUM! While pumpkin seems to be the predominant flavor, we are such suckers for holiday packaging and there are some of the best from our favorite brands!

We are HUGE Bocce's Bakery fans and are thrilled to see they've released a limited-edition Spooky Pumpkin flavor for Halloween! These treats are all-natural and feature pumpkin, peanut butter and cinnamon.

$4.99 from Petco.

These super cute little mini Ghost treats from Zuke's come in ghost shapes and are perfectly sized to work as training treats. Made from their turkey and pumpkin recipe, these little snack packs would make super cute trick or treating treats for the dogs in your neighborhood that won't break the bank!

$2.29 for a small pack at Petco.

These Boo Bars from Blue Buffalo don't have any scary ingredients in them. Baked with pumpkin, carrots, oatmeal, barley, flaxseed and cinnamon, these treats are healthy and crunchy!

$4.99 from Petco or

Pumpkin spice seems to be the flavor du jour and is everywhere! Fruitables is jumping on the bandwagon this year with their Pumpkin Spice Skinny Minis. Will 2.5 calories per chewy treat, they're great for training and little in-between meal surprises.

$4.00 from Petco.

Do you spoil your pet with Halloween treats?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Just Right by Purina Featured Blogger!

Hey look! We're the Blogger of the Month over at the Just Right by Purina Blog! Make sure to check out our post for some of our favorite tips to ensure that your dog is living their best life at any age.

Hope you enjoy!

p.s. Do you recognizing that cute looking model in the right hand pane?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MAC Haute Dogs Collection - Fall 2015

So I know we're a little late to the game.... but we couldn't resist blogging about the latest Haute Dogs Fall 2015 Collection from MAC Cosmetics. While we're not really sure we get the inspiration, the shades are pretty and the accompanying press photos are a hoot. It's also the perfect intersection of this blog and our past life (yep, I used to work in the luxury cosmetics PR world, but that's a whole other blog in itself).  Even those this hit shelves and the internet a little while back, most of the collection is still available online or from various retailers.

Haute Dogs includes a variety of canine inspired glosses, eye shadows and polishes including our favorites - "Dressed to the K9s" a "deep burgundy plum" lip gloss and the plum-y "Pure Bred" Eye Shadow palette. Both are still for purchase on MAC's website.

I'm pretty sure that MAC had a cat inspired set a few years ago, so it only seems fitting that the dogs are finally getting their day! What do you think of this collection?

Friday, August 14, 2015

American Airlines Announces "Cuddle Class" - A Review

So this has been a CRAZY busy summer, which is why you haven't heard much from us. However, we do have some exciting news we hope to share soon!

In the meantime, while crawling the inter-webs, we stumbled upon this interesting news item -- "American Airlines Announces First Class Cabin for Pets." Of course, we had to further investigate... which we did... only to discover that Paddington has already in fact traveled "Cuddle Class." While it's billed as a luxury way to travel with your pets, in reality, it's a fancy way of saying "FAA rules require us to stow your pet in a storage closet for take off and landing when you travel with a lie flat bed." While that is totally OK, our frustration stems from the fact that we feel like "Cuddle Class" is being billed as something it really isn't.

Courtesy of American Airlines

You may ask, "why are you so fired up about this?" Well... flashback to a trip we did last Thanksgiving where we used miles to fly first class from LAX to JFK. We were surprised to learn that Paddy would have to ride in her carrier in the closet for take off and landing once we boarded the plane. Yep, there was no advance information about this requirements. You're allowed to have an infant in arms for take off and landing... you are not allowed to hold your dog's carrier for safety reasons.

While your pet may not mind being put in a storage closet with a small ventilation window for take off and landing.... they may, like Paddington. She's flown with us several times, and as long as her carrier is near us, she won't make a peep. Put in her a closet... and well, sorry first class cabin... I guess there's a reason they pass out noise canceling headphones? Also, take off and landing, especially if you're flying LAX to JFK or SFO to JFK can mean that your dog is in the "box" or "Cuddle Class" for up to 40 minutes on either end. As soon as preparations begin for take off and landing, your dog goes into the closet.

From what we could discern, the box is neither lit, nor has any air vents. Your pet also cannot see you from the angle of the vents. There was also a crazy amount of static charge - when we got Paddy back, her fur was sticking up on end, and she was definitely not happy.

We also apologized profusely to everyone else in the cabin for disturbing their trip, and felt awful. Needless to say, this requirement also made our travel experience really less enjoyable too as we were stressed out about putting her in and out of "Cuddle Class."

Wait... I have to travel WHERE?! Snapped pre-"Cuddle Class" boxing... 
So... anyway, we apologize for the little bit of a rant, but only felt it fair to share our experience. We are definitely loyal American Airlines passengers, but this new "Cuddle Class" requirement has meant we've taken our business for trans-continental flights to another carrier that will allow Paddy to ride next to our seats. Paddy is truly a mellow dog and used to travel, but we feel awful that "Cuddle Class" stresses her out and also disturbs our fellow passengers.

Would love to hear if anyone else has a similar experience?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Get Your Dog Summer Ready - Tips for Exercise & Diet!

So even though "swimsuit season" isn't a thing for dogs, summer is a great time to get your dog into shape! Just like in humans things like sedentary lifestyle, over-eating, and getting old can all contribute to weight gain in dogs. And just like their human BFFs, losing that weight can be a little tough.

Fortunately, through exercise and eating right, you can help extend your dog's life expectancy by keeping them within weight guidelines for their breed. In addition to feeding your dog the right formula for them, thanks to JustRight by Purina, here are some tips on how to help your pup drop some pounds and get active together!

Do you exercise with your pup? What are your favorite ways to stay healthy?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Three Dog Bakery Ice Cream Biscuits!

Three Dog Bakery is known for the indulgent dog treats, and just in time for summer have introduced a new ice cream themed line of biscuits! While they offer tasty flavors like Rocky Road and Mint Carob Chip, the two that caught our eyes are their Cookie Dough Ice Cream and Neapolitan!

The Cookie Dough contains a mix of vanilla and cookie dough flavored wafers, while the Neapolitan includes carob, strawberry and vanilla! Yum!

Also, how cute is the packaging!?

Available now from the Three Dog Bakery website for $7.99 each.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Things We Love: BarkMade Bouquet Toy

This month's Barkbox brought us May flowers! We cannot get over HOW CUTE this dog-friendly flower bouquet is. Not only has the BarkMade Bouquet provided hours of fun for Paddy (she loved deconstructing it), but the individual flowers are perfect for indoor fetch.

While most of our flowers didn't last long (there have been some casualties), Paddy loved this toy so much we're definitely going to order a second bunch of flowers from the Barkbox store.

One set of flowers sells for $14 and includes four blooms wrapped up in a fabric newspaper.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

JustRight by Purina Discount Code!

Friends, you may have heard us talk about JustRight by Purina before. The leader in customizable dog food, JustRight offers personalized blends designed to meet the needs of your unique dog. Simply tell them about your dog's dietary requirements, preferences and activity level and JustRight will create the right mix for your dog and deliver it straight to your doorstep!

And now, to celebrate National Pet Week (this week!), JustRight has offered us a special code for Barkzilla readers of 20% off one order!* That's right - now is your chance to try JustRight! Simply use PADDY20 when checking out.

To get started and learn more about JustRight, visit their website. Don't forget, this code is only good through May 24th, 2015!

*Official T&Cs
Offer valid for 20% off one (1) order (up to $68.95) of Just Right® by Purina® through May 24, 2015. Valid on only. For full terms, visit

Disclaimer: We are part of the JustRight pet blogger network but were not compensated directly for this post. For more information, please view our Disclaimer page. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

Do you know a #DogMom? Most likely you do! And while Mother's Day is traditionally only for those with human babies, who says the mother of your fur-baby doesn't deserve a little appreciate too? Check out some of our favorite picks for the dog mom in your life (or any mom who love dogs!).

For the Dog Mom Chef:

Hello Cupcake! Cookbook
This is one of our all time favorite cookbooks! Though I am not nearly talented enough to pull off most of these recipes, I love looking at the photos for inspiration. We also did try making the doggie cupcakes and they were much easier than you'd think! Available from Amazon for $11.48  (and with Prime shipping you'll have it easily in time for next Sunday!)

For the Social Media Savvy Dog Mom:

Mark & Graham Chelsea Dog Leashes & Collars
We've talked about how we're kind of obsessed with all things Mark & Graham. Our new favorite gift are their customizable dog leashes and collars. Why not stick your Dog Mom's favorite hashtag on there? (Or even #DogMom... or #Barkzilla, hehe.)

Available from Mark & Graham's website in a variety of colors and sizes starting in the $30 range for collars.

For the Fashionista Savvy Dog Mom:

Helen Ficalora Paw Charm 
The necklace I never take off is from Helen Ficalora. Over the years I've added charms around different milestones, and of course one of my most treasured is this simple 14K gold paw for Paddy. Available from Helen Ficalora's website starting at $105.

For the Hard to Shop for Dog Mom:

Barkbox Monthly Subscription
Each month we always look forward to getting our Barkbox! A curated box of toys and treats, we get so much joy out of Paddy's excitement and we know the Dog Mom in your life will probably be the same. Buy a gift voucher (can be delivered online or printed and put in a card), or even ship a gift box. A 3 month subscription starts at $72. Purchase directly from their website.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I and Love and You's Free Range Bully Stix Reviewed

While on the smaller side, our local Whole Foods actually cares a pretty decent range of healthy options for your pup. As we all know, rawhide is a definite doggy no-no in our household. While most grocery stores stock lots of rawhide options, we were super psyched to discover Whole Foods carries "I and Love and You" free range bully stix. We were not super familiar with the brand, but after doing some research decided to pick up a bag on a recent grocery run.

Sourced from free range Brazilian cattle, "I and Love and You's" chews are high in protein and a good way to naturally support dental health (bye bye tartar). They're also easily digestible (which is why we choose bully stix over rawhide), and help promote healthy joints.

Chewing is my day job.
Paddy is a pretty hard core chewer, however these 6" treats will last her at least a few days. These resealable packs contain five chews, and retail for around $18 or $19 dollars (so that's like $3 and change per chew, WHICH is cheaper than our local fancy pet store's free range stix). We are super interested in checking out some of their other products and snacks, and will be keeping an eye out in for them in the future when we venture to the larger Whole Foods in the neighborhood next door.

For more information, check out "I and Love and You's" website or head to your local Whole Foods. Happy snacking!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mark & Graham Dog Travel Bed Review

Christmas in April? Sure, why not! A belated holiday gift for Paddington recently rolled up on our doorstep -- check out this lovely Mark & Graham travel bed from Paddy's cousins Daisy, Penny and Piper!

While not really a bed (think of it as a fold-able woolly blanket), it's perfect for packing on road trips. It is thick enough to provide comfort on a hard surface, but it's definitely more of a throw versus something padded. Made from natural sheep's wool, the outside is made from recycled hemp and organic cotton, and features handles for easy toting.

Perfect for on the road… or the couch. Paddy is a lounging pro!

Available online in two sizes (small and large), starting at $145. Like most Mark & Graham products, the beds can be personalized!

We have to say, so far we've been super impressed by all of Mark & Graham's pet products. Have you checked them out?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pet Earthquake Preparedness

Being new to the West Coast, earthquakes are DEFINITELY not something we had thought much about in the past. This past week we've felt two small quakes, which got us thinking about what our emergency preparedness plan is. Though it is highly unlikely (fingers crossed), that we'll ever need to use it, we're definitely updating Paddington's go-bag. (Side note: don't forget to regularly check your human emergency kit to make sure it's got fresh water, new batteries, etc. Some of that stuff expires!)

To ensure that you're pet-prepared for any emergency situations, check out this list from the ASPCA. They've got a great checklist of items you should put in your pup's emergency kit.

You can also purchase pre-made kits online- here are some examples of what's out there:

QuakeKare offers an Ultimate Deluxe Dog Survival Kit that contains enough supplies for up to to dogs. Included is emergency food, water, lighting, first-aid, sanitation and shelter supplies for your pet. Available online (and on sale) for $79.95.

The Mayday DogGone It Kit comes in a large bucket (which may be slightly less storage friendly, but having a big container could be helpful in an emergency!), and has a 5-year shelf life. It contains food, first-aid, and all of the supplies you'd need to help keep your dog safe and sound. Available online for $54.99 from Hayneedle.

This kit from contains a super impressive first-aid kit (75 pieces) and comes in sizes that are small, medium and large dog friendly. Though it includes less fun stuff to keep your dog entertained, we like it for being so straight-forward and just containing the essentials (important if you're on the move). Available online from their website for $54.99.

Stay safe and prepared!!

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