Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Peeps Easter Dog Toys

This year Peeps has treats for your pup's Easter basket that won't break the bank!

While they're probably not the sturdiest of chew toys (Paddy would probably shred one of those poor bunnies in a hot second), these bunnies and chicks are pretty darn cute. Each toy is around 3-4" inches tall, and probably be most appropriate for small to medium sized dogs. And, at $2.99 each, they're the perfect basket stuffer.

If you've also got a kitty to Easter shop for, Peeps has rolled out a feline line of toys as well! Available from the Peeps website.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mark & Graham Chelsea Leash

Mark & Graham is fast becoming one of our favorite brands when it comes to chic, reasonably priced dog accessories. We got an email earlier this week introducing their Chelsea Leash, which comes in two sizes (small and large), and a variety of colors. Each leash can be monogrammed/personalized, and we are particularly partial to the like the idea of doing a hashtag… maybe #barkistas?

Crafted from woven jacquard webbing, these leashes also feature a detachable key-ring, which is SO SMART. While I'm sure other folks out there have figured away to tackle the house keys while walking thing… for us #thestruggleisreal. In an ideal world we'd buy this leash, get a second set of keys made, and never worry again about juggling keys or accidentally locking ourselves out when walking Paddy.

Obviously we are partial to the pink and green.

Available for purchase from Mark & Graham ($36 - small, $38 - large).

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

An Interview with Cesar Millan, Star of Cesar 911

Big news!! We recently had the opportunity to participate in a Q&A with dog behavioral expert Cesar Millan- yes, THE DOG WHISPERER. While we are huge fans of his shows, we have been DYING to ask him about how to try and solve some of Paddington's occasional problems. With the second season of Cesar's Nat Geo WILD show Cesar 911 premiers on Friday, February 27th, we were thrilled that Cesar could take some time to share his advice with us.

It's not something we often talk about on this blog, but Paddy is NOT a huge walker - we can be literally walking down the street and she'll stop in her tracks and refuse to move forward. We've tried bringing treats and all kinds of tricks, but once she stops... she's not going anywhere. Since we've also seen other small dogs do this while out, we asked Cesar for his advice as to what might be going on.

Question: Our dog while walking on a leash will sometimes stop in the middle of the sidewalk for no reason at all. We've tried to figure out why this happens (more often than not we're alone - there aren't any other people/cars/animals around), and would love some tips for making walking a more enjoyable experience for our dog. 

The first thing to look at is your dog’s body language when she freezes. Is she focused intently on something and alert? Then she has probably noticed something that you can’t see or hear — remember, a dog’s main sense organ is its nose, and they can detect dogs, people, or other animals that are too far away for you to see. If this is why she is freezing, then you should be able to easily redirect her attention and get her moving again.

However, if when she freezes she shows signs of fear, like hunched posture, tail between the legs, and shaking, then she has made some association with something in the area and a bad experience. It’s important when a dog freezes in fear to not try to force them to move forward but also to not try to comfort them with affection. Before you can rehabilitate the behavior, though, you will need to figure out what it is in the environment that is making her do this. Has she ever had a traumatic experience on the walk, for example?

Finally, if Paddy is showing neither alertness nor fear but still stops on the walk, have your vet check her out to see whether there are any physical issues causing the behavior.

Our second question actually was inspired by the fact we often tune into Cesar's show on Nat Geo WILD. While it's great that Paddy has amazing vision, she often will start barking when she spies another dog or animal on TV. Thus, we asked Cesar for some tips on how to discourage her from doing this and allow us to watch Cesar 911 in peace.

Question: Our dog will occasionally bark at the television. How do we get her to stop? 

Immediate correction when the behavior happens, and consistency in providing it. If your dog is showing an unwanted behavior, you have to give the correction every time, and you have to do it as soon as the dog starts the behavior. You also need to be aware of how the behavior developed. A lot of times, a dog will do something like bark at a cat on TV and, the first few times, the humans find it funny, so they’ll laugh and talk to the dog. Unfortunately, when you do this, you’re telling the dog, “Keep doing that,” until it becomes an annoying misbehavior. That’s why, when you start working to eliminate the behavior, you have to be consistent and patient, because now you’re trying to teach the dog to not do something that you originally taught it unintentionally.

Hopefully you found this advice as helpful as well. A huge, special thank you to Cesar for sharing his insight and tips! 

For even more great pieces of advice and amazing stories make sure to tune into Cesar 911 on Fridays at 9/8 Central. Nat Geo is also running a 2-hour special that was filed at the Palms Casino Resort as part of Cesar's world tour - Cesar Millan Viva Las Vegas!, which will be airing on Friday, February 20th at 9/8 Central.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating at @UnleashedPetco!

Spend this Valentine's Day with your favorite furry friend decorating cookies at your local Unleashed by Petco! This Saturday from 11 am - 1 pm, Unleashed and Wet Noses will be offering free cookie decorating (while supplies last). To find your nearest location, visit their website.

We absolutely love this idea as there is no reason why your valentine can't be of the four-legged kind.

How are you celebrating this Valentine's Day?

#ValentinesforDogs Infograph

Check out this cute infograph from the folks over at Big Heart Pet Brands.

Still need to score a present for your pup? Have no fear - head over to their website and print out a card, insert a treat and you're all set!

Don't forget to share your Valentine's Day moment with hashtag #ValentinesforDogs!

Disclaimer: We received samples for the purpose of review from the company mentioned in the above post.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Little Barkster Yummy Plush Toys

Oh my dog. We may not be based out of NYC any more, but we will always have a special place in our heart for canine entrepreneurs in the Big Apple. How cute are these toys from Brooklyn based Little Barkster?! We were cruising Etsy and stumbled upon their adorable, made-to-order, treat themed toys and cannot get enough. (Also, can we talk about how cute their dog model Gordon is?!) Here are some of our favorites:

This limited-edition box of three over-sized stuffed macarons ($15) is just too sweet (ha, get it...!?). We may be tempted to snatch up their last one.... 

What NYC doggie hasn't dreamed of their own Black and White cookie ($10)? Now they can enjoy this squeaker filled treat! 

Who can resist a classic New York slice ($13)?  

You can pick up all of these toys and more from Little Barkster's Etsy store. As per their website they are regularly rolling out additions to their line of delicious looking treats so make sure to stop by!

Monday, February 9, 2015

#ValentinesForDogs from Milkbone!

How is it almost already Valentine's Day?! It seems like just yesterday we were getting ready to deck the halls.... alas, how time flies! Fortunately, if you're like us and kind of overwhelmed by the thought of Valentine's Day, Milk Bone is making it easy to show your pooch some love.

Head to to get your own printable valentines, slip a Milkbone treat into the card and voila! And seriously, how cute are these cards?

Don't forget to share pics of your Valentine's Day moment with #ValentinesForDogs on social!

How do you and your pup celebrate Valentine's Day?

Disclaimer: We received press samples of this product for the purpose of review.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

PetSmile Pet Toothpaste Review

So far, we've been doing well with our NYE Resolution to brush Paddy's teeth at least three times a week. While we've been liking the Arm & Hammer Pet Dental Wipes we reviewed previously, we get the sense they're best for in-between more thorough cleanings. To get to the teeth in the back of Paddy's mouth, you also have to stick your finger pretty far back, which is neither a pleasant a experience for me or her.

Fortunately, the folks at PetSmile sent us a sample of their Professional Pet Toothpaste and Pet Toothpaste Applicators to test out and we loved them both!

So, how does PetSmile's toothpaste work? It contains Calprox, which helps to remove the thin laye rod protein buildup on your pet's teeth onto which stains and bacteria adhere. Removing said bacteria helps to keep your pup's mouth bacteria free, leaving it smelling fresher, looking cleaner and hopefully more plaque free.

Paddy really liked the flavor of this toothpaste (beef), which made it a lot easier to even start the cleaning process. The Toothbrush Applicators are also a GAME CHANGER. Not only can you really polish each tooth and get in-between the nooks and cranes of your dog's teeth, but you can also get to those hard to reach spots in the back. Using one hand to gently open her mouth, we could reach the teeth all the way in the back that hardly ever see the light of day! What's even better is the applicators are disposable, so no cleaning out/drying a toothbrush. It literally took us less than 5 minutes to do her full mouth.

The PetSmile Toothbrush Applicators are sold in packs of 50 from their website for $9, while the toothpaste (4.5oz) retails for $25. Though it's on the pricier side, if Paddy is a fan and it makes taking care of her teeth easier, we're down - especially when considering the costs associated with bad doggy dental hygiene.

Disclaimer: We received samples of both of the mentioned products for the purpose of review. For more details about our review policy, please view our disclaimer

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mark & Graham Doggy "Business Bags"

Every dog owner has one. Yep. I'm talking about the iconic bone-shaped bag holder. You've probably got one hanging off of your leash, right?

While we've had ours forever (and are oddly, somewhat attached), two things:

One: We frequently drop it on the floor, which I'm pretty sure our downstairs neighbors hate (sorry...)
Two: It's really not the most chic way to tote your bags.... preferably we'd like one that is a little more subtle about its purpose

Fortunately, for the discerning canine and owner duo, Mark & Graham have an introduced a stylish alternative. Their "Business Bag" is crafted from Italian leather and comes in a variety of colors (our favorite is the orange!). Smaller than a medium Milkbone, it easily clips on and off your leash and can be monogrammed (yay!). While it's a little pricier than the plastic alternative ($39), can you really put a price on style? Well... I guess you can, but we think the cost is worth it :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Arm & Hammer Pet Care Dental Wipes

New year, new resolutions!

As you may remember, we decided to make 2015 our year of dental care. While Paddy has excellent teeth for a small dog of her age, we're 100% committed to keeping it that way. It's no secret that small dogs often require more dental care, and bad dental hygiene can lead to tooth, gum and other health problems. Sooo....

While we're lucky that Paddy pretty much will tolerate a doggy toothbrush, of late we've been loving the Arm & Hammer Dental Wipes we mentioned previously.

  • The sheets are the perfect size for wrapping around a finger, and they're just the right size for a small mouth (it doesn't feel wasteful to use a sheet each time). That said, for bigger dogs you may need to use two. 
  • These wipes don't break the bank - a container of 30 is available on Amazon for $7.99 (and qualifies for Prime shipping!)
  • The wipes do not have a strong smell or leave a noticeable residue

Cleaning Paddy's teeth with these disposable towels is super easy: we literally just wrap it around a finger and go to work, gently rubbing her gums and making sure to give each tooth a quick polish. Don't forget that even though you may not see them all the time, your dog has teeth all the way in the back of their mouth too!

Paddy seems to like the wipes more than the toothbrush, and they are definitely much more convenient, making it easier for us to clean her teeth every 2-3 days. She also doesn't appear to mind the taste which is a good thing!

We're definitely planning on testing out some of the other oral hygiene products on the market this year, so keep your eyes on our blog for the latest and greatest for keeping your dog's smile beautiful! 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Petcube Unboxing and Review!

Happy New Year!

Hope you and your family all had a wonderful holiday season!

We spent Christmas in California, which while not snowy and cozy was delightfully warm and sunny.  And while there were lots of presents for Paddy under the tree.... this year's big ticket item was our Petcube (see our pre-review here)! Yes, it finally arrived!

Here's a shot of the package - it's super sleek looking:

Setup was very easy. There is a quick start guide that will walk you through connecting your camera to your home wi-fi network and downloading the app on your phone. You do not need to be connected to wi-fi to access the camera through your smart phone - as long as you have data, you can load the camera.

Size-wise, the camera is not too big/not too small. We have it on a bookshelf across from Paddy's bed so we can keep an eye on her when we're not at home. (Excuse the weird screenshot... but wanted to have some human legs in there for scale! It's also a little dark because the room was dark, it's not the camera.) The sound quality is pretty solid, both from the perspective of what the camera picks up and what it broadcasts. It would be nice to be able to control the speaker volume on the cube though.

The laser pointer, while a cool feature, is not of much interest to Paddy, so we don't expect to use it. That said, it is cool how the laser is operated/guided by the touch screen on your smart phone. We played with it, and the laser is super responsive without much delay (at least when you're on the same wi-fi network).

This is the left hand menu that window-shades when you're dialed into your camera:

Ahh, a much better shot! As you can see the picture is nice and clear/crisp with good lighting. No zoom or pan, so you need to position it exactly where you want it to be.

One big piece of feedback: it would be great if you could setup permissions when sharing access to your Petcube to friends/family/others. For example, while we might want to let our friends turn on the camera, we don't want them to have the ability to play with the laser or the sound. This level of granular permissions may exist, but we are hesitant to share access to our camera without knowing this first.

There are some additional social network/content sharing features that we haven't checked out yet, but it looks like Petcube is trying to build a community for their users which sounds neat.

Overall, we are super in love and happy with our investment! This is a completely finished product that is easy to setup/use, and does exactly what we wanted it to! 

Features we love: 
- Ease of setup and app use
- Two way audio
- Taking photos from the video is really intuitive (literally just double tap the screen)

The Petcube ($199) is available for purchase from their website, and it looks like they'll be rolling out some new products this spring.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a pet camera?

Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year's Resolutions - 2015!

Does this dog look motivated for 2015? 
'tis that time of year again… time to start writing down those resolutions!

2015 is going to be the year of doggy dental hygiene here in our home. While Paddy has very good teeth for a dog of her age, we've decided to get really focused on preventative care. Fortunately for us, she doesn't mind having her teeth brushed - if anything it's really just getting in the habit of doing it 2-3x's a week.

While we do still use a pet toothbrush, we've lately switched over to the Arm & Hammer Dental Wipes for quick in-between cleans. They're nice and small, and you can easily wrap them around a finger.

Our second resolution is to be more vigilant about what we're feeding Paddy. Over the past year we've spent a lot of time looking at ingredient lists and the origins of her treats, and it's kind of scary. We're also not convinced that one-size fits all when it comes to dog food, which is why we've added a custom blend from Purina's JustRight brand to Paddy's diet. Not only do we love the transparency into the ingredients and where it's made, but we also love that we can customize her blend based on her activity level and needs. We're part of their pet blogger program, and really appreciate all of the info they've provided us with about the importance of a healthy diet for your dog or cat.

What are your pet's 2015 pet resolutions?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Plush Luxe Pet Beds

So, how much is too much to spend on a bed for your furry friend? 

We ask this question, because we've got our eye on this super luxe pet bed from Plush. What makes their pet beds different is the "nestable" pillow surface inside that allows Fido to snuggle and adjust everything to his/her liking. (We've all seen our dog do that weird digging/turning/circle thing before settling down for a nap, right?)

Ringing up at $132.95 for the small, it's somewhat of an investment, but we kind of secretly know that Paddy would love it... and we are particularly enamored with the Madeleine, with its sophisticated (but girly) combo of pink and grey.

That said, Paddy has kind of a similar setup now - though by no means as glamorous, which probably cost us less than $20 which seems to be just fine.

I guess our little pup can keep dreaming :)

How much have you spent on your dog's bed? What is the most you would fork out? 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Royal Canin Holiday Pet Food Drive

One of the best parts of the holiday season is that there are so many opportunities to give back! Royal Canin and Banfield Charitable Trust have joined together to help feed hungry pets with their 9th annual holiday pet food drive. From now through December 24th, there are two ways you can participate:

#1: Post on our Social Channels
Share a snapshots of a pet on Royal Canin's Facebook page (, Twitter @RoyalCanin or Instagram @RoyalCainUS. For each submission, 20 pounds of food will be donated and participants are automatically entered to win a one of twelve prizes from Royal Canin all month long.

#2: Donate through Banfield Charitable Trust/Hospitals
Visit or one of the 870+ Banfield Pet Hospitals to make a food or financial donation to the Meals on Wheels pet food programs. For each monetary donation of $10 or more, KONG® will donate a toy to the pet of a Meals on Wheels client.

Royal Canin is committed to making a 60,000-pound pet food donation this year, so start posting/tweeting/snapping those pics!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dog Gift Guide 2014

Stumped on what to get the very deserving pup in your life? Check out Paddy's 2014 holiday wish list for a little inspiration! At this rate, she's going to need a bigger stocking….

For the four-legged foodie: Peppermint Bark Biscuits from Bocce's Bakery

What could be more delicious than a bag of biscuits from Bocce's Bakery? Featuring all of the wholesome ingredients they're known for, and made in small batches, these treats notes of apples, cranberries and of course, peppermint! $9.50 for a bag, $15.50 for a tin, available from Bocce's Bakery's website. 

The name really says it all. This ultra luxury pet bench features a super soft and fluffy cushion for optimal napping and lounging. $2,975, available from MacKenzie and Childs website

Available in delightful scents like Lavender and Chamomile and "Happy Jasmine," this set contains everything you need to create a day at the spa for the pampered pet in your life. Includes Shampoo/Conditioner, an aromatherapy candle, and an in-between bath spray. Available in a variety of scent sets ($39), and as individual products from

For the technology hound: FitBark Fitness and Activity Tracker

While it doesn't include a GPS, FitBark is a FitBit for your pet. Track and monitor your pup's fitness and activity, measure their progress and behavior against other similar dogs, and get real-time updates sent to your phone via their mobile app. While it has yet to hit shelves, you can pre-order yours now from FitBark's website for $99

For the playful pooch: Walter the Rabbit

There are very few toys in the Barkzilla residence that have stuck around for more than a few weeks. Walter the Rabbit is one of the much loved. Though he has since lost his squeaker, his seams have held up during many hours of tug of war and fetch. Walter and his friends are available for $19.99 from Barker and Meowsky.

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