Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bocce's Bakery Introduces Sunday Roast Biscuits!

Even though it's not exactly sweater weather in California, we're dreaming of Sundays spent by the fire, cozy knit scarves and the smell of wet leaves. Sigh.

NYC-based Bocce's Bakery's new Sunday Roast biscuits makes us think of all of those things. (It also makes us really miss New York, *sniff*.) These all-natural organic biscuits include 100% USA roasted chicken, fresh rosemary, and carrots in one tasty bone-shaped treat.

Paddy is a huge fan of all of the treats from the Bocce's Bakery line, and we can't wait to get our paws on a bag of these yummies.

Available in 5oz bags ($9.50) or 8oz biscuit tins ($15.50) from the Bocce's Bakery website.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Henri Bendel Dog for Fall 2014

While we're no longer just a quick cab ride away from one of our favorite NYC shops, that doesn't mean we can't window show Henri Bendel online. It's been a while since they've updated their canine line, but it looks like they've made a few additions for fall. Check it out:

Fall showers got you down? Brighten up a rainy day with these adorable City Slicker Packable Rain Coat that packs away into a convenient little zipped pouch. Love the polka dots and stripes! With a zippable little pouch on the back when it's opened up, this coat is functional and fashionable. Too bad it doesn't ever rain here in California…

Perfect for making each meal a fancy affair, this ceramic dog-bone shaped bowl can also double as a treat dish/container. 

And why not ensure that all of your pooch's accessories match by picking up the Sleeping in Stripes dog bed. Featuring Henri Bendel's iconic stripes on one side (and dark brown fabric on the other), it's the right size for a small to medium pup. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

TailMix Grilled Sirloin Burgers - A Review

It is very rare in this household that we finish a bag of treats. It's not that we want to be wasteful (in fact, we often end up sharing the leftovers with our other canine pals), but what it comes down to is our Morkie is a super fussy eater. (My husband claims she gets this from me…. that is up for debate)

However, the ONE treat that never goes turned down are TailMix's Grilled Sirloin Burgers. Grain and gluten free, these treats are basically freeze dried little patties of USDA certified hormone free ground beef sirloin from Washington state. Made in the USA, you can serve them as is, crumble them on top of your pup's food or even rehydrate for a softer texture.

While Paddy is a big fan of the flavor (I swear she can hear the bag open from across the apartment), we love the transparency into what is in these treats. They're also the perfect size for special rewards (a little bit bigger than a quarter, but smaller than a half dollar). We were going to try and take a photo of Paddy with said treat to provide a sense of size… but she was overwhelmed by the deliciousness before we could snap a pic.

Available from national pet stores and online from One bag lasts us about a month and a half.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kickstarter: Schnuzzle

Kickstarter is one of our favorite things, and we can always rely on it to deliver products we didn't even know we needed to our inbox. Recently, we got pinged about a new project out of Australia called Schnuzzle. Instead of rewarding your pets with treats, pets playing with Schnuzzle get a burst of delicious dog-friendly scent. While we're on the fence about whether this is actually as satisfying as the folks at Schnuzzle suggest…. we like the concept and the way the Schnuzzle looks.

While the project is being driven out of Australia, there is free-shipping for all those backers based in the USA. We also are big fans of the fact that all parts are being made in Australia or the USA. Head over to Kickstarter and check it out!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Just Right by Purina

We were recently invited to blog about the latest innovation in pet nutrition from Purina. Introducing, Just Right by Purina - a personalized dog food that combines an owners' first-hand knowledge of their dog and Purina's nutrition research to create the perfect blend to meet your dog's needs. Using information gleaned from specific questions about your dog's age, activity level, health, and body condition, Just Right by Purina then delivers your pooch's custom kibble straight to your front door.

For those pets that have grain or protein sensitivities, owners can also note this- taking the guess work out of what really byproducts could be going into your dog's food.

So, how does it work? It's super simple - head over to and create a profile for your pet. Next, answer questions about your dog to create your personalized blend, and voila! If you have any questions, Just Right by Purina has live experts on hand via online, chat or email to help.

As a pet parent who pays close attention to what her pup eats, I personally love the idea of knowing what -exactly- is in Paddy's kibble. We love that Paddy's specific needs can also be taken into account, and you can customize each order if necessary (ex. in winter we fight dry skin more frequently). Also, did we mention that all Just Right by Purina custom blends are made in the USA? Yup- in Iowa!

Starting at $24.99 for a 6lb bag (which is on par with the cost of most high-end dry dog food), shipping is included and owners can setup auto-fulfillment.

We are definitely looking forward to checking this out in more detail (as of now I'm traveling on the road for work a lot, so we're not going to mess with Paddy's current diet). What do you think? Is a custom blend of dog food something you'd do for your pup? 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Dog Costumes 2014 - The Good, The Bad and The Scary…

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, but this year we are totally lacking inspiration when it comes to Paddy's costume for 2014. Cruising the web has not unfortunately helped much… it seems like a lot of what's out there is totally just phoned in, if you know what I mean…

Case in point:
Seriously? What the heck is this?

While we were really hoping to get our act together and do something homemade, with Halloween right around the corner (okay, so like three weeks), that doesn't seem likely. Thus we're sussing out what's available online, and here are some of our favorite options: 

Does your dog have a furry face? Yes? Well then this Ewok costume might be right up their alley. 

Available across the web, but we found it at

Nothing is more bizarre than animals dressing up as other animals…. thus there is a special place in our heart for this Octo-hound costume. Also ringing at less than $20 on this site, it's not going to break the bank. 

This costume, is unfortunately sold out, but is probably one of the greatest Howl-o-ween dog costumes we've seen. Yes, that's a piñata. Doubtful that t will come back into stock before Halloween, but we found it online here. For those that are crafty, there's also a great DIY post on this blog on how to make your own piñata costume if you are that way inclined. 

Sherlock Hound is just too adorable for words. A little on the pricier side, but it's pretty cute.

Personally, we've always thought Paddy would make a cute ballerina, so that's the current direction we're heading… stay tuned, we'll let you know how it's looking...

Is your dog dressing up this Halloween? What has inspired you?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Day at the Dog Beach: Leo Carrillo State Park

Believe it or not, dog friendly beaches in the Los Angeles area can be a little hard to come by. While the California coast is basically one giant beach, there are really only two spots to check out if you want to soak up the sun with your pup. As Paddy has never been to the beach before, you can imagine that this was at the top of our "things to do" list, and thus we headed to Leo Carrillo State Park on a recent sunny weekend.

Situated about a 35-40 minute drive North of Santa Monica along the Pacific Coast Highway, Leo Carrillo State Park is 1.5 miles of beautiful California coast. After paying entrance/parking, head to the 2nd parking lot along the beach road for dog-on-leash beach time! (Yep, sadly, there was no off-leash fun to be had, but in many ways felt like this was for the best/safer.)

Despite the large number of people (and dogs), we were impressed at how clean the beach was; everyone was doing a nice job of picking up after themselves and their pooches. LOTS and LOTS of dogs - big dogs, small dogs, fluffy dogs... they were all there and having an awesome time. In fact, almost everyone we saw at this part of the beach had a dog in tow. The beach is by no means huge (in fact it's definitely narrow), but there was more than enough space for everyone to lie out, play in the water, etc.

Though Paddy was not super keen about the ocean, she had a great time playing in the sand and meeting some of the local dog pack.

Location: 35000 Pacific Coast Highway
Details: Dogs on leashes are welcome NORTH of Tower 3 (head to the 2nd parking lot)
Cost: Parking was less than $15 which is a steal, especially if you're planning on spending all day at the beach!
Amenities: There are public bathrooms, but we did not see any places to purchase water, etc. so make sure to bring everything with you! There were a lot of folks BBQing and tail-gating, so check out the website for details as to what's approved.

See you at the beach!


Monday, October 6, 2014

Hi From the West Coast

Look at that glamour puss! 
Greetings from CA! Yup, we made it and we missed you too!

Things have been super quiet on the blog of late as we have spent the last few months focused on packing, moving and getting settled, so thanks for your patience! Though we are desperately missing NYC (especially since it's our favorite season, Fall), a new city has meant lots of super fun adventures and finds for the urban canine in our life. Keep your eyes peeled for lots more great stuff and some Los Angeles-local reviews.

Monday, April 14, 2014

PB Teen Divine Canine Catch-Alls

Pottery Barn Teen is one of those secret sites that we like to occasionally peruse for home storage ideas/knick-knacks. While some of the décor is more suited to teens (duh), we sometimes stumble upon great finds like these "Divine Canine Catch-Alls."

At $38 apiece, the won't break the bank, but are clearly perfect for dog lovers who are looking for a cute way to store change, jewelry, etc. Though there is no Morkie option, we are partial to all three!

Available online and possibly in stores. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Henri Bendel Dog Collection

We want EVERYTHING from the new Henri Bendel canine collection. As any New Yorker will tell you, the HB brown and white stripes are iconic-- and now your pup can sport them too! The must-have from their canine department refresh is definitely this sporty canvas tote (perfect for summer!). Not only does it have nice long handles (which if you tote your dog around + a million other things, you'll know are ESSENTIAL), but it's also incredibly reasonably priced at $68.

This chic collar ($68) also caught our eye- love the cute bow!

While we're at it, we may as well also throw in a tin of these delicious looking treats - why not?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sleepypod Air vs. Atom Review

Can't believe that it's March and our move is seriously in less than four months…. so it shouldn't come as a surprise that we're starting to freak out about how Paddy's going to make the voyage. While the folks at Sleepypod were kind enough to send us one of their Air carriers, we also wanted to check out its smaller sibling, the Atom. The Air is fab (see our review here), but it is on the larger size and not the best for day to day commuting, and we were so impressed by the quality of the Air that we treated Paddy to an Atom. Ahh yes, she is a dog of many bags…

Anyway, we wanted to post this photo review/guide as when we are trying to do a comparison there wasn't much info out there. Hope this is helpful!

Here's the breakdown:

Basic Guidelines:
Air: Dogs up to 15 lbs
Atom: Dogs up to 8 lbs

What's awesome about either option? They both fold flat for storage! The Air and Atom can also both be safely attached to a rolling suitcase or strapped into a car seat for automobile travel. Both bags also comply with most major airlines in-cabin criteria.

As you can see from this photo, height-wise the bags are very similar, but length wise the Air is much longer.

Here they are assembled:

Both of the bags are light-weight and have a super soft bottom lining. Honestly, they both have their pros and cons, it really comes down to what you need the bag for. If it's for air travel, definitely go with the Air, but if it's going to be a combo of travel and day to day transport (and your dog is on the smaller size), the Atom may be the better pick.

You can purchase either bag directly from Sleepypod's website (the Air is $159.99 and the Atom is $99.99).

Disclaimer: We received the Sleepypod Air for review from the manufacturer. For more information about our review policies please visit our disclaimer page. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cheese Please Dog Treats: Reviwed

As you may know from our posts, occasionally the snacks inside our monthly BarkBox are a little hit or miss. Such are the trials of having a small, picky, picky dog…. However, we had a HUGE win with February's box, and it's safe to say Paddy now has a new favorite treat- Complete Natural Nutrition's Cheese Please Dog Treats!

We love it because it contains only ONE ingredient: pure Wisconsin cheese.

Paddy loves it because it contains CHEESE.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! 

Photo courtesy of:

Lactose and MSG free, these nickel-sized treats weigh in at about 3 calories per snack. They're perfectly sized for our little Morkie, and easy to break into pieces (without the whole thing crumbling). Very reasonably priced (a 7oz box of over 300 treats rings up at $15.99!), we are definitely going to be stocking up.

Available to purchase directly from Complete Natural Nutrition's website and other online retailers.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sleepypod Air Review, Part 1

In advance of our exciting upcoming move, we've been doing a lot of research into the best carrier for Paddy's maiden cross-country voyage. Knowing that it's a trip she's going to be doing several times a year, we've been in the market for something that has a good reputation, which is why we immediately zeroed in on Sleepypod and their carriers. We recently received a Sleepypod Air and in an effort to help get Paddy acclimated used it to take her for a car ride out to the family farm.

We were concerned at first after seeing photos online that the Air was not going to be spacious enough, but oh how wrong we were… seriously, this thing is like the Rolls Royce of pet carriers. In addition to a really soft, cuddly lining, Paddy has more than enough room to move around, stand up, etc. The mesh covered openings (both ends and up top) also give her unobstructed vision when it comes to what's going on around her.

Here's an idea of Paddy vs. the bag size 

Getting buckled into the backseat of the car (you are going to want to secure the zippered part of the case before hitting the road!)

  • Lots of space: definitely don't have to worry about Paddy feeling cramped in here. 
  • Ventilation: a mesh panel that zips into the bag allows your pet plenty of fresh air.
  • Weight: This thing is seriously as light as a feather! 
  • Storage: The Sleepypod folds flat which is an apartment dweller's dream! 
  • Good for both the plane and the car -- it was super easy to get the carrier strapped in. 
  • Instructions: We adore the cute little safety card that was included with the bag that explains just how to safely secure it in a car/on a plane.

  • Size: While there probably isn't a thing such as too much space… we wonder if Paddy is going to not feel as secure since she does have so much room. The bag is a little bit on the larger size, so a solo traveler with a rolling suitcase and a handbag may find it a little unwieldy unless they strap it onto the roll on or use the shoulder strap. 
  • The way the bag is setup, it's probably not going to be ideal for car trips-- Paddy has to look out to the side instead of facing forward. However it's definitely safer than the other doggy car seat we've been using. 
  • The Sleepypod Air's design does not allow you to easily reach into your dog's carrier. The carrier is either zipped closed, or open, there is no in-between. While good because technically your dog should be safely enclosed while in the airport and on the plane, it is going to prevent sneaking the occasional pats. 

The Air is also probably too big to use on the days when I commute to work with Paddy, which is why we also just ordered the Sleepypod Atom off of Amazon to test out as well. We had previously been worried that it was going to be too small, but after using the Air think it might also be a good option for shorter trips. 

The Sleepypod Air is available for purchase directly from Sleepypod's website ($159) or from

What is your experience with airline friendly carriers? 

Disclaimer: We received a Sleepypod Air from the manufacturer for review purposes. For more information about our review policy, please visit our disclaimer page. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cloud 7 X TUMI Pet Accessory Collection

I forwarded the press release we got this AM from Cloud 7 and TUMI to Mike and immediately got the following response, "THE DOG DOES NOT NEED ANOTHER BAG."

We can't help it Paddy likes to ride in style... but he does have a point as we recently added a SleepyPod Air to our collection. Not to mention, we are trying to be fiscally responsible pre-move... Anyway, a gal and her dog can dream!

This limited-edition collection, which will be available at all TUMI flagship stores/online and from, includes an airline-friendly carrier, travel bed and travel bowl. Featuring water-resistant linings, leather accents and shearling wool interiors, the line is the embodiment of functional, understated luxury.

While the Cloud 7 / TUMI collection starts at a hefty $95 for the water bowl, if our experience with TUMI in the past rings true, it's always worth the investment. We've been hauling around one of their rolling in-cabin bags for 10+ years and wouldn't settle for anything less.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Travel Tails: Our New Sleepypod Air!

As you can see from the photo on the left, Paddy is SO over this Polar Vortex business. Currently, she is dreaming of palm trees, sunshine and counting down the days until our move. While we have yet to figure out all of the logistics, we DO know how she's going to be getting from coast to coast-- enter the awesome folks at Sleepypod and their awesome Sleepypod Air, Warmer and Yummy Bowl. Can we talk about how gorgeous the packaging is? AND- we are SO into the fact that the Sleepypod stores flat.

Even though our move isn't until later this year, it's looking like Paddy might be taking her 2nd plane trip a little bit sooner… stay tuned! In the meantime, we can't wait to get Paddy acclimated to her Sleepypod and test out the new gear- keep your eyes here for more detailed reviews!

Disclaimer: Sleepypod provided the above mentioned products for the purpose of review. For more information on our review policies, please click here
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