Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pup Portraits

A home isn't complete without a portrait of your pet! Enter Michelle Abeyta who creates custom cartoon portraits of the canine or kitty in your life. Bright and absolutely adorable- they will light up any room or wall. Just send Michelle a picture of your pet and tell her a little bit about what you'd like the pose and background to be and voila! She'll even do group portraits and other critters like skunks, horses, pigs and cows!

In addition, Michelle also sells other whimsical ready-made paintings. Barkzilla's Mom received one of Michelle's super cute "Scuba Dogs" two years ago for her birthday, and it brings a smile to our face every time we're at home. 

Check out her site for additional details and to see her samples of her cheerful custom portraits. In addition to being a talented artist, Michelle is ALSO an author and has published an instructional pet portrait book, Pop Pooch Portraits to Paint, that is available from Amazon.com. Fantastic to work with, Michelle was very flexible and great at getting back to us with answers for all of our questions- we can't wait to get in touch with her again! So what are you waiting for- doesn't your pet deserved to be forever immortalized in paint??

xoxo The Barkistas

All images from Abeyta Creative site.

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