Monday, August 29, 2011

Louisdog La La Hoodie Coat.... Drool.

This is one of the most beautiful items of doggy apparel that we've ever seen: no Park Avenue Princess' wardrobe is complete without this piece. 

 Introducing the Louisdog "La La Hoodie Coat" which is part of their Coco Chanel inspired "No. 5" collection. Available in beige or khaki, this gorgeous number features a faux-fur trimmed hood, snap front-closure, and Thinsulate lining to keep your pup warm and stylish.

Available from Funny Fur in small dog sizes for $79.99.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Puppy Party Pins

These "Puppy Party" pins are the  perfect way to add a little flare to your favorite leash or doggie bag.

Snag them for ModCloth for $5.99.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dylan's Candy Bar Sweet Paws Treat Bar

Last weekend we stopped by the iconic Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC to satisfy our sweet tooth before popping into an afternoon showing of "One Day," which BTW-- was not nearly as good as the book.

While stocking up on adorable post-it notes, look what we spied:

That's right, an entire section of delicious treats for your pup!

Featuring yummy Pup Pies, Barker's Dozen cookies and even leashes and toys-- it's got everything to satisfy your dog's sweet tooth. Make sure to swing by on your next trip to NYC!

Dylan's Candy Bar is located at 1011 Third Ave (at 60th). For hours, visit their website.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Arabella & Fern Klondike Bed

Pet-envy (noun): A feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by one's pet's possessions, qualities, or luck.

Out of the many products we've test driven, the Arabella and Fern Super Cudgie is paws down one of our favorites to this day. Seriously, it's a little piece of luxury, and we kind of wish there was a human-sized version available.

Thus, when we spied the new Klondike Bed over on their site we had a moment of sheer pet-envy: a bed made out of soft, cuddly Klondike material!? OMG, please stop!

This machine-washable doughnut bed comes in two-sizes (small and medium, large is on its way!), and is made in the USA. While there is a pretty penny involved ($160 for the smaller bed, $180 for the medium), this is like the Rolls-Royce of dog beds.

Oh, and heads up Arabella & Fern folks: would fork over some major cash for a human-sized beanbag version, or queen-sized Super Cudgie. Just FYI....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bye Bye Noisy ID Tag, Hello Silence

The sound I most closely associate with Paddington is the jingle jangle of her ID tag. While the sound is endearing during the daylight hours, it is down right annoying at night. 

Since of late Paddy has taken to creeping around at night (yes, creep...very loudly) we may be investing very soon in these Susan Lanci Soft Dog Tags.

These brilliant little tags are made from ultra-suede and feature laser engraving of your pet's initial one side and full name and owner contact info on the other.

Available from GW Little for $13.99.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let's talk about emergency preparedness....

Today's little earthquake was a good reminder that natural disasters often happen when you're least expecting them. We were a little shaken (and stirred, haha... OK, not funny), and fortunately escaped harm's way this afternoon.

However, it did get us thinking about how we could be better prepared in the future if we found ourselves in the midst of another natural disaster. The folks over at the ASPCA have pulled together a list of the items you should have stashed away in an "Evac Pack" for your pet. Their list is a REALLY ambitious: come on, 7 days worth of boiled water?! We live in New York... my closet space will make you cry...

Anyway, that being said, working off of the ASPCA's list (which you can see here), here are our city-friendly suggestions for your pooch's emergency bag:
  • 3 days' worth of canned (pop-top) or dry food (be sure to rotate every two months)
  • Disinfectant
  • Disposable garbage bags for clean-up
  • Bowl
  • Extra collar or harness as well as an extra leash
  • Photocopies of medical records + a few days worth of any medication your pet may need
  • 1 really large bottle of water (store in a cool, dry place and replace every two months)
  • Flashlight
  • Blanket

What emergency preparedness plans do you have in place for your pet?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Harry Barker Palm Beach Gift Bucket

Headed to the Hamptons? Leave it to Harry Barker to create the most perfect house-present for any four-legged host or hostess whose hospitality you might be enjoying this summer.

The personalized Palm Beach Gift Bucket (bucket, we love it!), comes filled with all kinds of preppy goodies: HB Good Dog Gift Bucket, Green Good Dog Bone Toy, Pink Cotton Rope Tug & Toss Toy, Green Hand Knotted Fish Rope Toy, and 3 HB Crest Tennis Balls! And, even more awesome: yes, you can personalize it!

Pick yours up from Harry Barker's website for a steal at $24.99.

Paddy Potter? Warning: May be too Adorable

Can we just talk about the ridiculous amount of cuteness that is going on in this photo?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bath & Body Works Puppy Pocket Bacs


Lately we've been on a Bath & Body Works kick. Don't ask me why. 
Moderately priced soaps are my calling....
 Anyway, we stumbled upon these ADORABLE doggy themed Pocket-Sized Sanitizers during our last late night shop-a-thon. SQUEAL!?! How perfect for attaching to our leash! We picked up Royal Tea, Snob Berry and Glam Star.
We're not super well-versed when it comes to beauty, so we'll defer to our wonderful pal/beauty superstar blogger the Muse behind Musings of a Muse to walk you through all of the details
Needless to say, get-thee to a B&BW ASAP to snatch some of these up, or head over to their website where the whole set is on sale for $5!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dear Dog, I Love You: A Movie

There is really nothing we love more than people doing what they're passionate about, which is why we were so stoked to get an email from Jed Crowley- a filmmaker at Columbia University who has just completed his first film! Unfortunately for Jed, filming movies can be expensive, and thus he's looking for film and dog lovers to help fund post-production costs.

Check out the trailer here:

In addition to helping out a film student who's dreaming big-- we would argue that this movie is totally worth supporting to check out the mad-acting skills of Paul Newman.... the dog... not the actor. 

Yes, that's right-- the adorable basset hound featured above is named Paul Newman. He's awesome, not only because his name is Paul Newman, but also because he has an amazing rescue story which you can read here

SO: head over to KickStarter now to read more about Jed's project and contribute what you can if you feel so motivated :) 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

#ThursdayBling: Every Girl Needs Pearls!

We can't get enough of this gorgeous graduated pearl necklace from Bitches in Pearls (also, can we talk about how FAHBULOUS the name of their company is?!).  Available in a variety of sizes and shades, each necklace features Swarovski Austrian crystal pearls. Oooh la la!

Prices begin at $85 CAD.... we wish we knew what that was in dollars, but we're really bad at math... Woof. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Self-described as the "Etsy for Pooches," ArtsyDog is a marketplace for hand-crafted accessories and products for dogs and dog-lovers. Featuring finds from top designers and artists, there's something for every pup.

Our favorite find so far? This gorgeous Raspberry Macaroon ID tag from "What the Pup":

Head over to ArtsyDog to check out more from What the Pup and other featured artists.

Let us know what you find!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pound Puppies!

Remember Pound Puppies? I wish we did, but sadly, like Cabbage Patch Kids, we kind of missed out on the peak of the madness. Yep. Not to date ourselves or anything, but we missed out on all the fun things in the mid-80's by one or two years. Oddly enough though, we still remember the themes song from the commercials... whoa. Anyway... we digress.  

Good news: there's still time for us to jump on the cuteness bandwagon, because... they're BAAAACCCKKK!!

That's right, starting on August 13th, the Pound Puppies are bringing their mission to find "A pup for every person and a person for every pup," to The Hub.*

Starring the voice talent of Eric McCormack (you may recognize him from Will & Grace, or my personal favorite, the made-for-Lifetime movie "Who is Clark Rockefeller?"), each episode features the Pound Puppy gang on the hunt for good homes for pups in needs. Possibly a little too family friendly for older viewers, but hey-- come on... with all the ugly stuff going on the world, why not indulge in a little G-rated fun?
Tune in to The Hub starting August 13th at 9 AM ET! (Or DVR it, if you're like us and "morning-challenged"...) For more info about the show and upcoming episodes check out the Pound Puppies webpage.

*Total sidebar, but can we just take a moment to talk about how awesome The Hub is?! Doogie Howser, vintage Batman episodes, RL Stine... what more can you ask for?!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Barkista of the Month: Shasta

Just in time for #WoofWednesday, we'd like to introduce you to our August Barkista of the Month: Shasta! Hailing from the Garden State, she's one of our favorite pen pals and has fahhh-bulous taste (um hello Mario Testino portrait, why didn't we think of that?!).

Name: Shasta
Hometown: Southern New Jersey
Age: 6 very young years
Breed: German Shepherd
Canine Style Inspiration: Rin Tin Tin
Favorite Accessory: My leather couch, I borrowed it from my people and  never gave it back.
Designer of Choice: Ralph Lauren
Signature Collar: Italian Leather
Vacation Destination: Anywhere there is water to swim in.
Ultimate Indulgence: Broiled Fresh Salmon
Designer Dream Item:  Custom Portrait by Mario  Testino
Where You'll Most Likely Spot This Barkista: In the swimming pool,  walking( quickly) to the nearby lake and keeping a stern, watchful eye on her house and surroundings.
Favorite Website: The Beauty Alchemist (My mom’s beauty and fashion blog)

Is your pup the next Barkista of the Month? Send us their answers to the above along with a headshot to barkzilla at gmail dot com. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Head over to Unleashed by Petco's Facebook Page

 ...and you may recognize a familiar face:


We really need to work on getting an agent for our little four-legged superstar!

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