Monday, January 24, 2011

Fact: Stuff in the city is expensive.

"I'm not taking off this hoodie until you do something about my hair!" -Paddy

Okay, so the above statement may hold true regardless of our geographical location due to Paddy's champagne and caviar tastes…but we were still kind of surprised that a visit to the salon for P costs more than it does for me. Really. Digest that for a second. It is more expensive for me to have my dog groomed than it is to visit a 5 star NYC salon. 

This makes me want to cry, and we apologize if it has made you tear up as well.

So while crunching numbers this weekend, the Barkistas had an idea--  how hard can it actually be to cut your dog's hair? 

Thus, we have decided to embark (harty-har-har) upon a fabulous adventure in doggy beauty! While are definitely going to be using scissors vs. electric clippers, and we'll leave the pawdicures to the professionals, we're going to give it a whirl! 

Though the stylist in this situation (aka me), is in the human beauty industry, we'd love any tips advice from seasoned at-home or professional groomers as we begin to mentally psych ourselves up while we wait for our scissors to be delivered.

Look forward to hearing from you!!

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas

p.s. In all fairness, there are more affordable options in the city but they are either 1) not conveniently located to us or 2) places where we've had some questionable experiences or are concerned about the quality of care...


  1. We cut Gus's's sort of a nightmare and we swear after each time that we'll never do it again :)

    My patient and take your time. P will look fab no matter if it turns out perfect or not!

  2. Hi there! I groom my morkie at home as well. I went on you tube because you can watch people do a puppy cut and I also looked at a lot of pictures to see the look I was going for. I use scissors and if you go slow and take your time your dog will look just as good as if it went to the groomer.

  3. Hi Uptown Wife!

    Thanks for stopping by -- if you happen to have that link, we'd love to check it out! Appreciate the moral support :)

    xoxo The Barkistas

  4. Ack! I'd be nervous to groom a dog myself! But, of course, I saw my grooming "skills" in action on my Barbies when I was young, and it wasn't pretty. :D We wish you luck! This is probably another reason it's probably good I have dogs that only require a brushing here and there (and a bath maybe 4 times a year?) :D

  5. Hi Katherine!

    I know, we're a little bit nervous, but we plan to take a "conservative" approach to start. We'll keep you updated!! Thanks for stopping by!


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