Thursday, December 22, 2011

Baking with the Barkistas

Greetings Barkistas! As you may or may not know, we love to whip up treats for our favorite Barkista and are always looking for new pet-friendly dishes. Just in time for home stretch of holiday baking, we've got a recipe from Lucy Postins, CEO of The Honest Kitchen and dog cookbook author! These yummy treats are sure to please and include cranberries, which are good for pets prone to urinary tract infections

o   1 cup boiled and mashed butternut squash (You could substitute mashed
o   pumpkin or sweet potatoes if you don’t have butternut squash available.)
o   1½ cup uncooked oatmeal
o   ¼ cup dried cranberries
o   1 tsp nutritional yeast
o   1 tbsp honey

what to do
1. Preheat the oven to 370°F and butter a large cookie sheet.
2. Combine the cooked, mashed butternut squash with the oatmeal, cranberries,
yeast and honey.
3. Mix well so that all the ingredients are very thoroughly combined.
4. Using a teaspoon, scoop small balls on to the buttered cookie sheet.
5. Make sure they are evenly spaced out about 1 inch apart and bake for about
10 to 12 minutes.
6. Allow the bites to cool, and then add these nutritious goodies to your dog’s
usual meal or serve them as individual treats!

What's your favorite pet-friendly recipe?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Healthy Holiday Eating Q&A with Lucy Postins

As we all know, the holidays are a time for family and food. However, in addition to the no-no's we're all familiar with (raisins, chocolate, etc.), there are some other holiday feast dishes that should NOT be shared with your doggy. We had the chance to chat with Lucy Postins, CEO of The Honest Kitchen and author of Made of Love, a cookbook filled with healthy recipes for dogs, who gave us the dish on what your pup can safely stomach.

In addition to the "no-no" foods that we already know of, what other seasonal items do we need to keep an eye out for?
Stuffing and corn pudding –should be avoided for most pets, because they tend to contain onion and sometimes raisins, as well as ingredients like bread and cornmeal which aren’t very nutritious and can actually exacerbate ear infections and skin problems.

Desserts and cheeses should be avoided too, because they can cause tummy upsets, especially when eaten in excess.

Relishes, pickles and sauces are also best left out of your pet’s bowl because they tend to contain heavy spices, sugar, onion and other ingredients than can unsettle their GI tract.

The following foods are toxic to dogs and cats and should not be offered in the form of leftovers or people-food additions to her usual meals: onions, chocolate, macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins & candies containing the sweetened xylitol. Also, never feed your dog as cooked bone!

What left-overs are suitable to be shared with your dog?

Turkey, Ham, Prime Rib and other meats. These can all be added to your dog’s food in moderation. The key things to remember are that dogs should never be fed any type of cooked bones because they can splinter and damage or impact the GI tract.  Too much fat and gristle can be problematic and can lead to pancreatitis, which is very painful and potentially dangerous. Try to avoid prepared meats that have added lots of added sodium, nitrites and preservatives.  Whenever you can, choose free-range, natural and grass-fed meats, which are better for you and your pet as well as the animal who provided the meat in the first place.

Sweet Potatoes are an excellent source of beta carotene and make a highly nutritious meal addition for dogs. Steamed or baked sweet potatoes are ideal; raw root vegetables can be difficult to digest unless completely pulverized in a blender or food processor. Avoid giving your dog the kind of holiday-themed sweet potato side dishes that contain lots of maple syrup, melted marshmallows or candied nuts.

Cranberries are a great addition to your pet’s meals at any time of year and especially during the holidays. Many dogs enjoy fresh cranberries but cranberry sauce and jelly can be full of sugar and other ingredients that Fido doesn’t need. Dried cranberries are a nice alternative, provided they don’t have lots of added sweeteners. Cranberries contain natural compounds that can help prevent bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall, so they are an excellent choice for cats and dogs who are prone to urinary tract infections.

Pumpkin & Squash
are great foods to share with cats and dogs in moderate amounts. Most pets love the taste of these nutritious, fibrous vegetables. If you’re making a soup, consider setting aside some of the gently cooked cubes of squash before you begin adding wine, cream, onions and other less pet-friendly ingredients to the mix.

Winter Greens like chard and kale
are a super source of vitamins and antioxidants. Brussels sprouts and cabbage are also loaded with nutrients, but they tend to cause gas. These can be added raw, lightly steamed or sautéed. Avoid serving your pet large amounts of winter greens that contain lots of added salt, wine, soy-sauce or butter.

White potatoes are fine in moderate amounts. They contain fiber and minerals. Try to avoid serving your pet potato dishes that are prepared with lots of cream, ranch dressing, oil or butter. Potatoes provide a good source of Vitamins B3 and B6, Vitamin C, Potassium, Iron, Copper and Fiber.  Potatoes have been associated with some adverse publicity in the past due to their content of glycoalkaloids, which can develop in the stems, shoots and green parts of the skin of potatoes that are improperly stored and where the skin is subjected to excessive or prolonged exposure to light. The shoots and green parts of potatoes should not be consumed by people or animals for this reason and should be removed before serving.

If you are sharing leftovers with your dog, what's the best way to figure out the correct portion size? 
A good rule of thumb is about 10% of your pets’ meal. A balanced topper is about half meat, and the other half vegetables and/or grains.

Hope you found this as helpful as we did! What leftovers do you share with your pup?  

Bon apetit and happy holiday feasting!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Barkzilla Spoil Me Rotten #Holiday #Giveaway!

This holiday, Spoil Me Rotten Dog Biscuits and Barkzilla want to treat your pooch to some amazing hand-made treats! 

Made from organic, locally-sourced ingredients, all of their biscuits are wheat, soy, corn, and preservative free, and do not contain any broths or by-products (gross). I mean honestly, who wants to feed their dog something contains ingredients you can't pronounce?

Anyway, we digress-- this amazing prize pack includes one box of 4 holiday-decorated Peanut Butter cookies (ooh, carob frosting!), and a bag of SMR's popular Peanut Butter Delight recipe! The perfect last-minute surprise to slip into your pup's present pile!

It's super easy to enter-- just use the nifty widget below. Don't forget, you can tweet every day for additional entries!  Many thanks to the awesome folks at SMR who donated this package! (Oh, and psst-- they're currently offering free shipping on their site in case you've got some furry friends to shop for on your "nice" list!)

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Barkista of the Month: Milo

Introducing the handsome Milo, our December Barkista of the Month!

Hailing from Maryland, this pooch won't turn down fresh roast chicken and has a passion for Alexander McQueen! Learn more about his stylish picks below-- and don't forget, we're always looking for new pups to feature! Simply send us an email to barkzilla at gmail dot com answering the below questions along with a headshot!

Name: Milo
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Terrier mix
Canine Style Inspiration: Benji
Favorite Accessory: A multi-colored fur coat - mine of course!
Designer of Choice: Alexander McQueen
Signature Collar: Chartreuse fabric with chili peppers
Vacation Destination: Anywhere I can hang out with other dogs - even someone else's yard can be a fun place to visit!
Ultimate Indulgence: Warm, freshly-roasted chicken
Designer Dream Item: a Vivienne Westwood bed
Where You'll Most Likely Spot This Barkista: Lounging on the lawn with a nice pile of twigs for chewing and a cool drink
Favorite Website: It's a toss-up between (my mom's food blog) and, my dad's site.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: @HonestKitchen Cookies

What to get for the dog that has everything? The Honest Kitchen's Holiday Treat Pack of course! 

Packed full of delicious hand-baked cookies, the kit includes:
  • 8oz Pecks: We haven’t met a pup who didn’t love our famous bite-size Buffalo & Blueberry cookies – less than 1 calorie per ‘Peck’!
  • 8oz Nuzzles: Artisan Duck and Cherry, heart shaped cookies.
  • 8oz Smooches: Chicken and Cranberry heart-shaped cookies, with just a hint of aged Parmesan.
  • Force Trial Size: The base for our custom “Holiday Sage and Honey Cakes” recipe!
  • Plus, a festive recipe card and holiday greeting from The Honest Kitchen!
How yum does all of that sound? And for the steal prize of $24.99, it's the perfect way to spoil your pooch this holiday season.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Pet Socialite NYC Holiday Pop-Up Shop

What could be more fun than shopping for holiday gifts for furry friends WITH your favorite anipal?!

This Friday, we swung by the press preview of Pet Socialite's Holiday Pop-Up Shop! Located at 19 Kenmare Street (Kenmare and Elizabeth), this cozy SoHo space has been outfitted with chic holiday gifts for the deserving pups in your life.  Including picks from vendors like FouFouDog, Jax and Bones, Pet Flys and more, the shop has something for every pup on your list. Everything is priced to be wallet-friendly too (yay).

Open all weekend from 11AM-6PM, pet expert and hostess Charlotte Reed will be hosting two days of holiday activities, including : "Color Me Beautiful" pet fur-coloring classes, Holiday Etiquette with Miss Fido Manners, and Art-Casso Dog Painting!

For a detailed schedule of events, visit the Pop-Up Shop's website! A super fun holiday event to share with your pup, we hope you'll stop by if you're in the neighborhood. Make sure to tell them the Barkistas sent you!

p.s. The shop is cash only, so make sure to swing by an ATM on your way!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lincoln Bark TreatSmart Snacks

Are your pups making their holiday lists? Well, we hope there's still time for a last minute addition! 

Introducing Lincoln Bark's TreatSmart snacks! Powered by the Chia seed (which you may or may not know is one of the hot new FDA certified "super foods" that's everywhere), these soft nutritional treats are loaded with protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, phytonutrients, all 9 amino acids, age-defying antioxidants, are gluten free and contain more calcium per ounce than milk. Whew! Soft in texture and small (about bite-size for Paddy), you could easily break apart if you wanted to make the treat last longer.

And if that wasn't enough for you, they're yummy too! Picky Paddington wasted no time scarfing down two (I know, the daily recommendation is one per seven lbs, but she was so fast!), and has eagerly been eying the bag. We sampled the Duck & Pea flavor, but these treats also come in the Salmon, Chicken Liver and Roasted Peanut varieties.

The perfect stocking stuffer for the health-conscious pet, pick yours up from Lincoln Bark's website-- $9.99 for an 8oz bag. Oh, and while you're there-- check out the ADORABLE doggy models they feature on their site!

*Samples were provided by PR for review. Please see our disclaimer for more information.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Coco & Pud Doggy Gingerbread House

I think the real question that this adorable Coco & Pud holiday doggy bed poses is, "who doesn't want to live in a gingerbread house?"

Probably only seasonally appropriate, it's a good thing that we can't find a US retailer -- otherwise we would be those people that leave their holiday stuff up year round.... awkward.

Originally spotted by our friends over at Pretty Fluffy. For more info about pricing and availability, check out Coco & Pud's website.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What's the Story, Blitz? Necklace

See! Pet-themed jewelry isn't always a fashion faux-paw

(Harty har har.)

 This porcelain pooch hangs from a 17.5" chain and is adorned with a pretty red bow.

And his name is Blitz! Seriously, how cute?!

By And Mary, available for $19.99 from ModCloth.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Pretty Fluffy Giveaway!

Hello fellow anipals! We were almost quite tempted not to tell you about this giveaway (as we'd really like to win, hehe), but in the spirit of the holidays we realized we just had to share it. Our fabulous Aussie pals over at Pretty Fluffy are doing the most LUXE holiday giveaway EVER. EVER. Seriously. Check out some of these goods: toys, a Kate Spade coin purse, the cutest note cards, cookie cutters-- the chicest holiday picks for you and your pup!

To enter, head over to their website for more info-- tell them the Barkistas say g'day!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Gift Guide 2011: Custom Pet Portrait

This weekend we received the most wonderful gift we have ever been given-- this beautiful hand-drawn portrait of Paddington by New York City based artist Jordan Spilman. Hello!? Are you seeing this?! We can't get over how he managed to capture the essence of our chief Barkista on paper. 

A graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, Jordan hails originally from the UK.  He is a trained painter and sculptor but has a real love of portraiture (both people and pets).  Not being allowed to have animals as a child, has made him love them even more, and is probably why he is able to capture their character so well on paper. His pet portraits in particular have become sought after both in the United States and back home in the UK as essential collectibles for all animal lovers.

Okay, back to gushing about this incredible portrait of Paddington-- check out the detail of Jordan's work:

And now you can own your own beautiful piece of art! Head over to his website to check out more of breathtaking portfolio. What better gift to give this holiday than a portrait of your favorite pup? Just imagine the look of amazement you're going to see when your friend/parent/relative/sibbling opens up this package. Trust us-- you'll be the talk of the town. We seriously can't tell you how lucky we feel to own this drawing, and are very thankful for Jordan's generosity.

For information about commissioning your own puppy portrait, email  He also have several other pet portraits available for purchase from Etsy.

*Samples were provided by PR for review. Please see our disclaimer for more information.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Doggone Sweet Pail

Here at Barkzilla, we've been kind of under the weather... which means our desire to snark has been greater than usual. However, we have only nice things to say about this new item bucket of doggy themed cookies for humans available from 1-800 Flowers. Customizable with three different phrases, including "Thanks For Watching Me," The Doggone Sweet Pail includes 5 hand-decorated sugar cookies.

It's actually kind of the perfect gift to give to anyone who's might be watching your furry friend over the holidays.*

Available from for $49.99 not including any additional delivery charges.


* Ha, we were so tempted to say, "conned into watching," but we didn't...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

More Dogs For Decking the Hall!

Just in case you didn't get enough super-early holiday goodness, here are some more canine cuties for your Christmas tree from Paper Source!
  1. Paper-mache Dachshund ($15.95)
  2. Dalmation ($13.95)
  3. Paper-mache Pug ($15.95)
  4. Dog with Red Ribbon ($7.95)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bocce's Bakery Truffle Mac & Cheese Biscuit Review

Have you entered our Bocce's Bakery Giveaway yet?

We were given the opportunity to do a little taste test of the Truffle Mac & Cheese Biscuits (don't worry-- the winner of our giveaway gets a full, unopened bag + a bag of Holiday Feast flavor!), and let me tell you-- if we hadn't sealed the bag, they would have been gone in a HOT minute.

Made from yummy (skim!) mozzarella, and lean turkey bacon, the folks over at Bocce's have added a sprinkle of truffle oil to make them even more mouth-watering.

Baked in small batches from fresh, human-grade ingredients, they include no chemicals or preservatives. For those with sensitive tummies, they're also wheat, and important for Paddy, liver, free. The perfect size for small mouths, they break easily (without making a messy crumble), which is great for those pups that are watching their waistlines this holiday season.

While we've only got one bag to giveaway, you can head over to Bocce's Bakery and pick yours up directly from their site. Why not pick up some for your furry friends as well? Seriously-- it's the ultimate affordable, luxury gift for the holidays.

Happy snacking!

*Samples were provided by PR for review. Please see our disclaimer for more information.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#Barkista of the Month: Bocce!

Introducing our very special November Barkista of the Month: Bocce!
Yes, the namesake of super-chic Greenwich Village bakery Bocce's Bakery, is this month's featured pup. New York's beset known culinary inspiration (seriously, think of Bocce as the Mario Batali of the dog-culinary scene), Bocce's taste is impeccable: when it comes to both treats and style!

Check out his Barkista-worthy picks and then make sure to enter our Bocce's Bakery giveaway!

Name:  Bocce

Hometown: West Village, NYC
Age: 4 ...well 4 1/2 now, but I'm still a puppy at heart
Breed: Supposedly a Shitzu-Poodle, but really I'm more of a scruffy mutt
Canine Style Inspiration: Hum, I would say 'downtown scruffy chic'. 
Favorite Accessory: bacon an accessory?

Designer of Choice: The lovely team at Mulberry London sent me a very fancy cashmere coat as a gift last year. It's a navy blue peacoat. I love it, it keeps me very warm in the winter, and my friends say I look quite cute in it. I know my mom is jealous of it and wished it fit her, hehe. 

Signature Collar: Puppia! I got my first one at Zoomies NYC when I was just a little pup, and that's all I use.  I like it cause it doesn't hurt me when I pull.  Oh and yes, I pull alot, especially if there is a bird in sight!

Vacation Destination: Anywhere that involves a car! I loooove car rides.  Planes not so much

Ultimate Treat/Indulgence:  My own treats, of course!  They are yummy, and really healthy! I'm munching on a Fish & Chip biscuit right now.  It's my new fave flavor!

The Toy I Never Leave Home Without:  Oh, I never take my toys out, cause there's already so much to do when we go on walks. Like jumping on leaves, and playing w/other pups, and scaring the pigeons - that's my favorite!

Where You'll Most Likely Spot This Barkista: Waggin' my tail around the West Village or playing with my friends by our Biscuit Bike at the parks on weekends.  

Favorite Website: Twitter...I love to tweet with all of my puppy friends. I'm at!

This holiday, I'm wishing for....: Shhh...don't tell anyone cause this is top secret - but I can't wait for our new Holiday biscuits to come out!  I heard its a roasted turkey, pumpkin, cranberry biscuit! It smells and tastes just like stuffing.  I hope I get lots of them this Holiday.  I'm gonna behave extra good from now until then, promise!

Favorite Pet Cause: This year we gave a portion of sales and donated auction items to help pups affected by the Tsunami in Japan, we also love the Humane Society NY (they are awesome!) as well as the Mayor's Alliance NYC.

Want to be our next Barkista of the month? Send your pup's answers to the above along with a headshot to!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ceramic Terrier Lamp

It's very rare that we get that excited about a light fixture-- but this Ceramic Terrier Lamp really takes the cake!

Featuring a fringed black lamp shade, it's the ultimate in kitschy-cool.

Available exclusively from Urban Outfitters online for $64.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Doggy Decorations

While we'd argue that the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" is still a little ways off, you wouldn't think so from all of the holiday marketing that's going on already. Though we're not quite ready to bust out the egg nog, we are counting down the days until it's time to deck the hall.

Here are our favorite ornament picks for trimming your tree this holiday season:

  1. Sitting Yorkie ($44.50 at Frontgate)
  2. Set of 4 Tweed Dogs ($31.95 at Crate and Barrel)
  3. Blown Glass Bone ($40 at Agatha and Louise) 
  4. Big-Eyed Beagle ($13.95 at Papersource)
  5. Terrier Woody Wagon Friends Ornament ($39 at Fetchdog)
  6. Running Gingerbread Dog ($2.99 at
  7. Balloon Dog ($10 at Urban Outfitters)
  8. Westie Puppy ($39 at Nordstrom)

Bocce's Bakery Giveaway

This year, we've got a lot of things to be thankful for -- and we want to share the love we feel with all of our wonderful readers by hosting a giveaway with the awesome folks over at Bocce's Bakery! That's right, we got our paws on two bags of this season's hottest treats, Bocce's Biscuits in Holiday Feast and Truffle Mac & Cheese! In fact, we've been told that the Truffle Mac & Cheese has already been flying off the shelves! 

Made from wholesome, fresh, human-grade ingredients, all of Bocce's Bakery's treats are wheat-free and baked in small batches with lots of love. 

A Thanksgiving feast in biscuit form, Bocce's Holiday Feast biscuits feature slowly roasted hormone-free turkey, organic pumpkin and lots of healthy cranberries.

The ultimate in decadence, these Truffle Mac & Cheese treats are at the top of Paddy's list this holiday season. Seasoned with truffle oil (yes, you read that right), they also include skim mozzarella, and lean turkey bacon which are sure to please even the pickiest pup's palette.

So here's the deal-- we've got several ways that you can win these much-sought after treats-- simply enter below and we'll be picking a winner next week! Good luck and happy snacking!

Oh, and if your pup just MUST have their own bag (which I'm sure they will), head over to Bocce's website to snag your own holiday treats. We're definitely going to be picking some up for the "nice" doggies on our shopping list.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lend a Helping Paw This Veteran's Day

This Veteran's Day, help those who have served by giving back to the organization America's VetDogs by participating in Bil-Jac's Facebook campaign! For every fan added to the Bil-Jac Facebook page through November 30th 2011, Bil-Jac will be donating a dollar to America's VetDogs.

This is an amazing non-profit which serves disabled veterans and military personnel across the country and overseas. Created by the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, it has been helping veterans since 1946 by providing guide and service dogs to those who have honorably and bravely served our country.

Joseph Worley, a Navy veteran who served in Iraq, with his dog Benjamin.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to Bil-Jac's Facebook page and help to spread the word-- don't forget to also check out VetDogs' Facebook page as well! You can also contribute by purchasing America's VetDogs Treats which are available online and at Petco stores nationwide.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Louis Vuitton Baxter Dog Leash

This past month, we got a very special birthday surprise -- that's right, Paddington became the proud owner of her very own Louis Vuitton leash. (Note: The dog is fast becoming the owner of the most designer items in this household... disturbing, we know).

The ultimate in luxury for any Barkista, the Louis Vuitton Baxter dog leash comes in two sizes, suitable for small or large dogs. Crafted from their iconic monogrammed canvas lined with leather, it is not only stylish-- but like all of Louis Vuitton's products, well-constructed. As you can see from the picture below, it also features a unique clip that opens by pinching the widest part and easily attaches onto a collar or d-ring.

A definite must for any dog that knows a thing or two about luxury, we feel incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to posses such an amazing dog accessories.

It doesn't look like the leash is currently available online (though you can check out the Baxter bag and collar on their website), so for pricing information and purchasing details, contact your local Louis Vuitton store.

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