Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Passports for Pets?

So, this past week while we were traveling, we got to thinking, wouldn't it be fun if pets had passports? We couldn't help but giggle at the thought of a customs agent (specifically the surly one we had...) stamping Paddington's imaginary passport.  

After a quick Google search, we failed to spot any such items on the market. Several pet travel document holders, but nothing as much fun as a Puppy Passport. (Or hello, how much fun would a pet travel document holder DECORATED like a passport be?) So, all of you pet entrepreneurs-- get on it! That's a free one from us here at Barkzilla :)

Anyway, we're back (!!) and we've got lots of exciting things in the works, including the revival of our Summer Hydration Series! FYI: if you can think up a cooler (harty-har-har, apparently vacation did not cure us of bad puns) name for this popular series, we'd love to hear it!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bon Voyage!

The Barkistas are going on vacation! 
But don't worry, we'll be bark! 
(ha. bad jokes = clearly a sign we need some time away)

Look for new posts + updates the week of June 27th.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good Deeds: Dog Bless You

From Memorial Day through July 4th Explore.org, The Annenberg Foundation and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America are joining forces as part of a campaign called "Dog Bless You," which pairs veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with service dogs to help them on the road to recovery.

"This campaign is to channel the energy of the dog community into the gift of unconditional love and healing that only a canine can provide.  We want to raise awareness about the amazing role dogs can play in the lives of veterans and people who suffer from emotional and psychological damage- while giving everyone a chance to participate through a zero-cost contribution,” said Charles Annenberg Weingarten, founder of Explore.org and Dog Bless You.

And here's how to help: simply head over to their Facebook page and "Like" it to do your part. For every 5,000 likes, Explore.org will donate a service dog to a recently returned veteran (up to 100 dogs). How awesome is that?

So easy, and such an amazing initiative-- there's really no excuse not to send your support! (And here's the link again!: http://www.facebook.com/exploredogs)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First-Ever Barkzilla Barkista of the Month!

Is your pup effortlessly chic? Do they rock a trademark style that they carry with ease? 
Well, you may not know it, but your dog is a Barkista!

We're looking for stylish pooches to feature on Barkzilla as part of our new "Barkista of the Month" series. Here's how to enter: email us at barkzilla (at) gmail dot com with a headshot and YOUR dog's answers to the below questions OR leave a comment on this post with your contact info.

Paddy has kindly volunteered to be our first featured Barkista:

Name: Paddington
Hometown: New York, NY
Age: A lady never tells
Breed: Maltese-Yorkie (aka Morkie)
Canine Style Inspiration: Lady from "Lady and the Tramp"
Favorite Accessory: Arabella & Fern Super Cudgie
Designer of Choice: Juicy Couture
Signature Collar: Louis Vuitton
Vacation Destination: "The Farm" in New Jersey
Ultimate Indulgence: Petit Fours from Petit Four Legs
Designer Dream Item: An Hermes Birkin converted into a dog carrier… if one existed.
Where You'll Most Likely Spot This Barkista: The Salty Paw at the South Street Seaport or Carl Schuz Small Dog Run.
Favorite Website: www.barkzilla.net of course!


*By submitting your pooch's photo and completed questionnaire, you are giving us permission to re-use your content on barkzilla.net.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Henri Bendel Puppy Travel Set

Once upon a time, travel used to be romantic: steamer trunks, fancy hat boxes, luggage that required a team of people to haul it around… Well, actually the last part of that dream doesn't have to die for your pup thanks to the Henri Bendel Puppy Travel Set!

This hat box-inspired bag, which features Bendel's iconic brown and white stripe print, is trimmed with Italian leather and includes a removable shoulder strap. Inside, you'll find everything your pooch needs to travel in luxury: a cashmere blanket, dog bed, aluminum bowl, rope chew bones and a ball.

Though the price is hefty ($495), if you're flying around this summer in your G6, it's really quite affordable, right? A dog and her girl can dream…. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

LeSportsac My Buddy Bags

It's finally here! After stalking it for MONTHS, we finally found the LeSportsac "My Buddy" print on their website. Seriously, we've been looking for it since we spotted a pencil case in the print in a magazine in March*. Available in a variety of different bag styles, it's just adorable.

While we love the dog carrier ($98), as of now we're leaning towards the "Paula" wristlet ($32): it's the perfect sizing for stashing a few dollars, treats and a cellphone for our evening walks, and it looks like we could clip it to our leash. The nice thing about all of LeSportsac's products (in our experience) is that the bags on their own are relatively light weight and easy to store.

Pick yours up on the LeSportsac website.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Believe it or Not: Doggy Bunk Beds

So recently we've been a little radio silent because we've been in the processing of moving. Seriously? Never again.  Also, on a total sidebar, somehow the dog had more boxes than we had dinner plates.... Anyway, now that we're settled into our new digs, we can blog away again!

While cruising around Bed Bath & Beyond's site for a shower caddy, we somehow found ourselves in the pet section (ha... surprise, surprise) where we stumbled upon the coolest dog bed ever: That's right. Bunk beds. For dogs. What?!

Perfect for the two pet household, these solid wood beds come with two different sets of cushion covers and stands at just shy of 2 feet high. Though it will set you back roughly $300… I mean come on, doesn't your furry friend deserve a bunk bed?

Available online from Bed Bath & Beyond for $299.

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