Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sprinkles Dog Cupcakes Review!

This weekend we swung by Sprinkles in NYC to pick up something tasty and stumbled upon something special for our CCO (aka Chief Canine Officer). Yup, that's right-- a special little cupcake for our pup, because as the stickers at Sprinkles say, "Dogs Love Cupcakes Too!"

Crafted from fido-friendly ingredients, these bite sized treats are sugar free and feature a yummy coat of yogurt frosting. Soft and squishy, these treats look, smell and feel like the real Sprinkles cupcake deal. As you can see, we had no issues getting Paddy interested in this one:

Available at Sprinkles locations for $2.50 each.


  1. I am SO excited about this! I always go to Sprinkles when I'm in the states - this is too cute :)

  2. This cup cake is indeed very nice. I love the simple design. I have a shih tzu, and I'm pretty sure that she'll love this kind of food as well. I look forward to visiting Sprinkles soon.

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  3. That looks really cute, I'd definitely buy some for my pet.


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