Monday, December 16, 2013

Hello Canine Einstein! Introducting Dognition!

Stuck looking for a last-minute gift for the dog-genius in your life?

We recently stumbled across Dognition, which is like a Myers-Briggs test for your dog! How does it work?

The tests are designed to measure skills like: empathy, communication, cunning, memory and reasoning, and will assign your pup one of nine different profiles. Once you've got your breakdown, based on the package you sign up for, Dognition then provides monthly tailored tips and activities to help you continue to take utilize your new understanding of your dog's decision making process.

The coolest part, besides obviously have an intellectual profile of your dog, is that by participating you are contributing as a "citizen scientist" to a pool of data that is being used by researchers globally to advance canine cognitive knowledge. We also checked out the data part of the website and can't wait to dig in once we've got our results!

Pricing is super reasonable, with the basic toolkit and one time assessment starting at $19 for one dog (special holiday price!), making it a really fun gift idea for the intellectual dog lover in your life. You also don't need to be an Einstein to use Dognition's gift/redemption process, which is really nice.

While the husband is dubious about Paddy's powers of analytical reasoning, we can't wait to prove him wrong. Stay tuned for the results!

Disclaimer: A complimentary trial of Dognition was extended to us by the company. For more information about our review policy, please visit our disclaimer page.
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