Thursday, August 5, 2010

A "Neue" Way to Indulge

There are the finer things in life, and then there are the finer things in life….like a $600 Bohemian Glass Bead Evening Collar.

Yes. You read that right.

Need something for the Barkista that has absolutely -everything-? Head over to the Neue Galerie Design Shop and check out the Neue Hund line which features luxe clothing and accessories that are sure to be indulgences for even the most spoiled pet.

The lovely Milly Von Barksky
Inspired by Neue Galerie's mascot, Milly von Barksky, museum Director Renée worked with designers like Yeohlee and Han Feng to create a collection that "incorporates the principles of Vienna 1900 design: a refined aesthetic, exquisite materials, and superior craftsmanship."

While most of the line's products are not compatible with our budget (um, hello $1,450 dog carrier and $120 travel water bowl…), proceeds from the sale of Neue Hund support the Neue Galerie and a percentage of select items go to The Humane Society of the United States.

 Love the Loden Coat? Pick up at matching throw & shoulder carry bag too!

Our collection favorite is the  "Loden Coat," designed by Han Feng. Available in "chocolate brown" or "linden green," this pleated doggy couture number looks like it features a leash attachment or opening (couldn't tell from picture or description), and will set you back a hefty $295. Even though we'd be eating ramen noodles for like, an entire year, we have to admit it is SO totally Barkista. 

Well, a doggy can dream! Head over to the Neue Galerie's website or Design Shop (1048 Fifth Ave) to check it out.

xoxo The Barkistas

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