Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pack a Picnic With Alessi's New PetNic Basket


Planning a picnic this summer with your pet? While I wish we could say that we are (well, I guess there is still time since it's only June), we would definitely be bringing along this adorable PetNic basket from Alessi. Available in black, green and pink, the basket is made from thermoplastic resin and features a removable divider inside. Though it's not technically designed to hold food and water, I'd guess you could probably try using the top as a serving dish for your pup (like in the above photo). Big enough to hold snacks, water and a few toys, it's honestly ones of the cuter new pet products we've seen.

That said the price, $90, does make us want to howl a little. Though.... who is to say that this is just for pets? It looks like it could do double duty as a fun picnic accessory for toddlers or kids as well!

Available from Alessi's online store.

Happy picnicking!

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