Friday, August 20, 2010

Recycled Fun for Your Pup

What is it about water bottles that fascinates dogs??
If you've ever made the mistake of leaving a water bottle in your doggy's reach (especially the Poland Spring ribbed kind)- you've probably discovered that your canine companion can't get enough of the crunchy container. 

The excellent people at Fat Cat Inc. have found a way of transforming your empty water receptacles into a more appropriate source of doggy fun. 

Their Water Bottle Cruncher dog toys are essentially durable water bottle cases for your pup. Made out of their bright long-lasting material, they house an empty 20 oz water bottle and pack hours of crunching playtime. When the fun has been exhausted out of the water bottle that comes with the toy, simply pop in a new one for continued fun and play! A great way to recycle those old water bottles that seem to stack up- it's also an easy way to give a sure-favorite new life every now and then!

While at first sight a little large for a small dog like Paddington- it's light enough for her to carry around and toss to herself (a favorite game). The crackling/crunching sound fascinates her and the durable fabric stands up to her sharp little teeth. Though our first "cat-erpillar" has now met it's timely demise, it took Paddy a good month and a half to render it unusable (the adorable little cat paws were the first to go). 

Available directly from Fat Cat Inc. for $21.95 each, we picked ours up at PetCo and we've seen it at Target and other pet supply stores as well! Check out their site for other fun, awesomely designed toys for the dog or cat in your life!

xoxo The Barkistas 

1 comment:

  1. Truffle loved this! But, destroyed the bottle and the Cat-erpillar cover in less than an hour. Definitely not for aggressive chewers!


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