About Us

Who is Samantha?
Samantha is no longer a twenty-something New Yorker, but is still somehow a chauffeur/maid/chef for her dog. A former public relations professional and digital media strategist, she started Barkzilla in 2009 as a way to share with other dog lovers some of the luxury/cute/insane products for pets that are out there (and her bad jokes). She is by no means a pet expert or professional, just a girl who loves her dogs very much and hopes you’ll enjoy her crazy dog stories and pet-friendly finds. 

Who is Paddy? 
Our first partner in crime, Maltese-Yorkie mix (aka Morkie), was a selective listener, picky eater, and pretty much would do anything for a piece of cheese. She originally hailed from the Midwest, but lived in New York, Los Angeles, and New Jersey. Sadly she passed in 2019 after 12 years of living her best life. 

Who is Lady?
Lady is pretty much the most un-ladylike F1B Bernedoodle you will meet. She loves digging holes, splashing in puddles, and chasing her own tail - but strangely enough is also a super picky eater. Born in 2019, she makes every day in our household an adventure.

For more information about Barkzilla, please see our disclaimer page.

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