Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Fresh Patch Small Batch Treats - A Review!

 While you might be familiar with Fresh Patch's grass potty patch, we're excited to share with you that they recently launched a line of small batch pet treats. In my opinion, this is a smart business decision as what goes in must come out 😂

Made with sweet potato and chicken, Fresh Patch's Small Batch Treats are the perfect size for medium to large dogs, and are easy enough to break into pieces for smaller dogs or training rewards. Formulated with a pretty straight forward list of ingredients, they seemed super fresh upon arrival. 

This also may sound weird, but we appreciated that they didn't smell super strong -- they do have an aroma, but it's basically what you would expect (chicken, sweet potato, and rosemary!). The few that we gave to our special tester were gone in seconds, which is a good sign since Lady is the pickiest big dog you'll ever meet!

What I particularly liked about these treats is that they do seem really, really fresh and not super processed. Available directly from their website for $12.95, they're a steal with free FedEx shipping! And while you're on the site, why not check out their patch products as well! Even though we have a yard, we're starting to consider some other options to give our poor grass a break while we re-seed this fall 😳

Disclaimer: we received this product from Fresh Patch for the purpose of review.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Little Tikes x Best Friends Animal Society = #RescueTales

Slight tangent, but we have to take a moment to show you these Rescue Tales toys from Little Tikes that benefit the Best Friends Animal Society. Not only do these pets make cute realistic noises and movements, but they also impart the value of adoption and taking care of a pet. In addition to single pets, they also have a really cute grooming set (pictured above), that has a working bath tub!

While taking care of Lady keeps us busy enough, we are very tempted to welcome one of these cuties into our home since the littlest human Barkzilla LOVES playing vet/groomer. You can pick yours up online at Amazon or Target, and I believe they are also available in stores!


Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Gripperz No-Mess Bowl for Messy Dogs & Humans

You know that thing where you're rushing around the kitchen, short on time, and you accidentally punt the dog's water or food dish across the room, showering your kitchen floor with water or kibble? Yep. It pretty much happens without fail whenever we are late 😂

This age old problem that I'm pretty sure most dog-owning households have is why the people at Davro Design have created Gripperz, a dog bowl that is designed not to slip, slide, or become a moving projectile. A two-piece product consisting of a plastic base with a Tacky Tech pad (that enables it to adhere securely to most flat surfaces), and a stainless-steel liner, Gripperz retails for $19.99 and is BPA free. 

While the bowl has yet to hit the market (it's Kickstarter just launched), it's definitely a product to keep an eye on! If all goes to plan it should be shipping in November 2020.

Also yay to a NJ based business!

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