Monday, August 9, 2010

PupCakes 2 Go in Action

Several weeks ago we posted about PupCakes 2 Go, an innovative microwaveable treat for your pup, and were thrilled to try them out first-hand!

The Barkistas love to cook and bake (and EAT!), but when it comes to cleaning up... well, we're not huge fans. Thus, we love anything that is delicious that only requires 1 bowl to make. 

After behaving herself during weekly bath time, we decided to reward Paddy by baking up some PupCakes-- and boy, do we wish there was a human version. 

Simply add a tablespoon of peanut butter and half a cup of water to the dry organic mix and pour into the included pan, and you're good to go (Yay!). Two and a half microwave delicious smelling minutes later, and our PupCakes were done! After letting them cool for 10 minutes, Paddy was ready to dine-- and there were no complaints! 

The information that came with the kit also suggested customizing the mix by adding shredded cheese or applesauce, which we're definitely going to try next time. Lucky Paws has also announced that four new flavors, Three Cheese, Very Veggie, Chicken & Wild Rice, and Pot Roast will be added to the line sometime this year. 

Bottom line: We not only had fun making our PupCakes, but our little picky-puppy was very disappointed when she realized that "portion control" was the phrase of the day. (Also awesome, these treats can be refrigerated for up to a week.)

To purchase your PupCakes 2 Go mix or refills, visit:

xoxo The Barkistas

Disclaimer: Samples were provided by PR for review. Please see our disclaimer for more information. 

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