Paddy says, "Ok, here's the deal...."

This blog is a "pet" project, inspired by our love of dogs. We are by no means, and do not claim to be, professional pet authorities. All posts on this blog are for informational purposes only, and should not be used in lieu of advice from a trained authority. Opinions expressed on this blog are my own and based on personal experience, and do not represent those of my employer(s). We reserve the right to share our opinion, and hope that you will share yours-- whether it's different or not. We do NOT guarantee that you have the same experience with any item reviewed, and are not liable for results. 

Products called out or reviewed on Barkzilla are selected because they we thought they were interesting and wanted to share them with you. While I am a PR professional, we are not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned on Barkzilla, nor do we endorse them (or them us) for financial compensation. While a majority of the products on this site were purchased by US, Barkzilla DOES accept press samples purely for the purpose of review. As per FTC guidelines, we will disclose any products sent to us by PR-- look for the bright pink disclaimer at the bottom of the post. Receipt of samples does NOT guarantee a positive review; all reviews are HONEST expressions of our thoughts and findings. 

Images used on this site are posted under the guidelines of the fair use principal and believed to be in the public domain. I do not own them, unless otherwise noted. All visual content belongs to its respectful owner. If you are the author of an image and would like it removed, please contact us at barkzilla at gmail dot com and we will take it down immediately. 

If you are a company and would like to repost or link to any content on this site as a testimonial, please submit a written request to barkzilla at gmail dot com for permission.

I do not profit from any links shared on this site or advertisements. 

By accessing our site, you are agreeing to the above terms. 

And finally-- again, this blog is intended to celebrate and share with the online community our love of dogs. We hope you enjoy it, find the information interesting, and will share your feedback with us!

Okay, phew, enough of that! Back to the fun!

xoxo The Barkistas
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