Wednesday, August 18, 2010

City Dog: A Novel

City Dog by Alison Pace is the story of New York City urbanite Amy Dodge and her dog, Carlie- a high-spirited West Highland White Terrier who has a mind of her own. Recovering from her divorce, Amy has embarked on a series of children's book that star her beloved Carlie- Run, Carlie, Run!, and soon finds herself (and Carlie of course), being thrust into the spotlight. However, she starts to find soon she is the one being cropped out of the photo.... Set in the city that never sleeps, follow Amy as tries to figure out what it is she wants and where she's headed.  

Funny, poignant and thoughtfully written, City Dog captures not only the relationship between Amy and Carlie, but also Amy's relationship with New York City and more importantly- herself. Told from the point of view of Amy, Carlie, and Robert Maguire-- the dashing fictional (alas) explorer-hero of Amy's books, we were sorry to finish the book so quickly. While we did find ourselves liking Amy, Carlie steals the show again with her musings on "the other side of the door," the dog park and saltines which had us laughing out loud. Pace (who is a contributing editor at one of our favorite magazines- Bark), manages to capture ever so eloquently the thoughts that we often imagine to be running through the minds of our pets- without venturing into the cheesy-baby-talk danger zone that you often get when writers attempt the animal point of view approach. 

We won't giveaway any more of the plot- but needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed the book's ending which left us with with a smile on our faces. A definite must-read for owners of Westies and anyone who's ever had a dog in NYC!

Published by Penguin, City Dog is available from for $11.20. 

xoxo The Barkistas
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  1. I just picked up this book - thanks for the suggestion! Can't wait to read it :)


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