Friday, July 16, 2010

Go for a Walk with Robbie Dawg

Get 'em while you can-- Robbie Dawg's Let's Go For a Walk tins are available for $3.99!

This Brooklyn-based bakery prides itself on using fresh, organic ingredients and promises NO wheat, corn, soy, added sugar or salt, artificial ingredients, preservatives, tans fat, artificial colors/flavors or MSG. (Whew- that's a mouthful!) These delightful tins hold 3oz of treats in yummy flavors like Honey BBQ Chicken, Real Brooklyn Pizza, Peanut Butter Carrot and Turkey Sausage & Romano Cheese.

We picked up a tin of the Honey BBQ Chicken treats on our last G.W. Little order, and so far no complaints from our picky little pup! They're also perfectly-sized for small dogs, which means no crumby messes at treat time. At just $3.99 each, there's no excuse for heading over to Robbie Dawg's site and stocking up! 

xoxo The Barkistas

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