Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Have You Found Your Animal?

Help the Brooklyn-based Found My Animal and the awesome Louis Animal Foundation do good things for animals in need by purchasing one of these beautifully crafted FOUND leashesAmazingly, 25% of ALL profits go directly to the foundation which operates a mobile spay/neuter clinic in rural areas and finds foster homes for animals who have not yet 'found' their people.
In addition to the traditional rope, you can now choose from white or black PET.

Crafted from rope or recycled PET (yay recycling!) are animal-friendly (no leather!), and hand-spliced so they can withstand lots of tugging. All hardware is solid brass made from marine grade Italian hardware and can be adjusted in a variety of ways depending on your leash-style preference. This versatile leash can be used as a simple hand-held leash or clipped around your waist/over your shoulder for hands-free walking (we love rocking the over the shoulder style, but hope to be bold enough to do the waist thing one day!). 

Each leash also features an individually-numbered brass tag that makes this leash super unique and symbolizes the number of animals you've helped the Louis Foundation take care of. 

Depending on length and size, prices range from $32 to $68. All leashes are available directly from Found My Animal's online store. Make sure to also check out Found's awesome harnesses and collars. 

xoxo The Barkistas 

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