Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bocce's Bakery

As we're based in NYC, we're always on the lookout for great local purveyors of doggy goodness. Right around the corner in the West Village, Bocce's Bakery offers a variety of delicious, all-natural 100% organic treats for the canine set AND THEY DELIVER. You read that right. Is your brain freaking out?! Because ours did…

Okay. One thing at a time. 

1. Why Your Pup is Going to Want to get Their Paws on These Treats:
Shocked by the amount of fattening preservatives and chemicals in most commercially produced dog snacks, head-doggy baker Andrea Tovar, started creating her own treats. Made by hand in small batches, each recipe includes locally sourced ingredients when possible and contains NO chemicals, wheat, or preservatives… and honestly, they sound delicious:

Beef Bourguinon – Grass-fed beef slowly cooked with sweet carrots and parsley, for seasoning, in true Beef Bourguinon fashion. These heart shaped biscuits are baked to a perfect crisp, to promote dental health, with parsley for a  squeaky clean breath.

Grandma’s Apple Pie– Freshly picked organic apples baked with local NY clover honey! Mixed with organic oats for a crispy crust and packed with fiber for healthy tummies.

The Elvis
– Everything tastes better with bacon – even a peanut butter and banana sandwich! Made with lean turkey and non-fat yogurt but every bit as decadent.

With a changing seasonal menu, there's something for every picky eater!

2. Why it's Easy for Your Pup to get Their Paws on These Treats:
Sign up for Bocce's Bakery's weekly "Doggie Bag" biscuit delivery service for fresh treats delivered right to your door. (I mean, honestly: what more could a Barkista ask for?) For only $28 a month (and no delivery fee), every Monday, a re-usable mason jar will be dropped off at your doorstep filled with the flavor of the week. 

While the "Doggie Bag" service is currently only available to Barkistas in the West Village, they are looking into expanding their delivery area so make sure to inquire.

3. Why it's Good Paddy Does not Know how to use a Computer & Does not Have a Credit Card:
Because she probably would have already signed herself up for Doggie Bag delivery….

If delivery isn't an option, don't worry-- you can get your treat fix directly from their website at www.BoccesBakery.com where a 5oz bag is $9.50. If you're in NYC, you can also purchase at The Barking Zoo (172 Ninth Ave, NYC).

Happy munching!

xoxo The Barkistas

p.s. You have to check out the pictures on Bocce's Bakery's Flickr stream, they're beautiful. Just try to avoid drooling on the keyboard.

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