Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Dog Rocks - did they work for us?

So being new to the whole home-owner/having a lawn thing, we never had really given much thought to "burn spots" in the yard. As any seasoned lawn caretaker/dog owner will tell you, dog pee is the instant destroyer of beautiful, green, happy grass 😂 And Paddington, bless her, is not very creative about where she pees - choosing the same poor little patch every time (until she kills it, ha...).

Having spent a fair amount of time cruising the internet for solutions, we stumbled upon Dog Rocks. As per their packaging, the claim that these rocks added to your pet's water source will filter out impurities like tin and nitrates, which cause your dog's urine to be so caustic. Simply add them to your pets' water and let the rocks do their magic.

So... did they work? Well... not so much. Unfortunately after 8 weeks of us, our lawn is not looking any better and we have some new yellow spots. While the rocks never claim to fix dead grass, we were disappointed to see new spots pop up when Paddy moved onto greener areas of the lawn. There is a disclaimer on the package that warns that if your dog has a high protein diet these may not work, so we're curious if that could be what happened in our case.

That said... after we spoke to our lawn care company who recommended the best (and really only) thing you can do for keeping your lawn healthy is to douse the area after your dog pees with fresh water to dilute the urine. Sighhh... of course it couldn't be as easy as just adding rocks to your dog's water.

If you're still interested in checking out Dog Rocks, you can pick them up at your local Petsmart, or websites like Amazon and Chewy.com. They are a little on the pricey side ($27.54 currently on Chewy.com 😱), especially as they need to be replaced every two months.

What do you do to keep your lawn healthy with dogs in the home?

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