Sunday, October 23, 2011

NOse Offense = No More Unwanted Smells!

We've been loving the gorgeous fall weather in NYC! Sunshine, a cool breeze-- what else could a gal and her pup ask for? While it's been very pleasant during the day, it's been getting a little chilly at night, and with the windows closed, we've been noticing some new scents... Ah eau de dog bed...
Though we're diligent about cleaning Paddy's dog beds on a regular basis (please note the plural: dog BEDS), sometimes before we have guests over we like to spruce things up. That being said, we try to avoid scented air freshening products since the smell can be overwhelming. Let's be honest, if they're that way for us-- can't imagine how intense it must be for Paddy's sensitive nose. A lot of spray/air-freshening products can also contain a slew of not-so pet-friendly chemicals. BOO.

Luckily, the dad and daughter team behind NOse Offense have developed an amazing scent-free solution that actually neutralizes odors instead of just covering them up. (And they're based in NYC, yay!)

Approved for use on water safe fabrics including curtains, carpets, clothing and blankets, it can also be used in litter boxes, cages, carriers, pet living and sleeping areas, as well as on hard surfaces, such as wood or plastic. Spray once or twice in the air or identify the source to spray directly onto/into the affected area. Made from safe, non-toxic, organic and biodegradable ingredients, it is also 100% free of enzymes, alcohols, phenol & phenol derivatives, phosphates, phthalates and of course fragrance.

After taking out the trash we also gave the can a quick little spritz and were amazed about quickly it neutralized any leftover odors!

For more information and to pick up your own bottle, visit their website (32 oz. retails for $14.99).

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  1. The Chicago dog poop clean up company also uses some air and pet fresheners to keep the pets and the home itself pleasant to the nose. Actually, they suggested that as much as possible always clean up or bathe the pets for at least 3-4x a week to keep them from getting any unwanted odor, that may also affect the overall smell of the house.


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