Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mutt Nose Best U. Berry Calm Puppy Grooming Goodies

I'm ready for my afternoon at the spa! Sign me up for a massage too...
Several weeks ago we entered a giveaway hosted by our pals at Of Cows' Tails and Chew Toys, and guess what-- we won! The prize was a selection of Mutt Nose Best's new U. Berry Calm Puppy Eau de Toilet, Shampoo and Conditioner. Featuring Maine blueberries and Organic Oats, these shampoos are designed to create an at home spa-like experience for your pup.

We have yet to try out the shampoo and conditioners, but are loving the Eau de Toilet spray which utilizes Ordenone, a natural, water soluble ingredient,  that binds with the proteins that cause bad odors and eliminates them. 
Want to get your paws on your own set of Mutt Nose Best Berry Calm goodies? Head over to the website to purchase and learn more about their products. 


Disclaimer: These products were won via giveaway!


  1. Mutt Nose Best's Blueberrry products are absolutely fantastic! Just one whiff of them has me wanting blueberry muffins all day. I wish my shampoo smelled as good!


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