Friday, October 14, 2011

Introducing the October Barkista of the Month!

This month we are honored to introduce you to Sydney, aka Syd, the beloved fur-buddy of our friend Heather, the amazing songstress and fab blogger behind Seoul Diva. One of the most talented people we know, it should hardly come as a surprise that she chooses to share her life with an equally amazing (and adorable) Barkista.

Name:  Sydney (aka Syd Vicious)
Hometown:  Astoria, Queens
Breed: miniature schnauzer
Canine Style Inspiration:  minimalist
Favorite Accessory:  a bright orange cashmere belted overcoat
Designer of Choice:  not fussed, as long as it is
Signature Collar:  red patent leather collar with silver heart studs (I wanted skulls, but I knew Grammy Park would think it was superstitious…Korean grandparents!)
Vacation Destination:  a wide open park where I can run around with my ears back, Old Yeller style    
Ultimate Treat/Indulgence:  a few nibbles of fresh banana.  Whenever my mom makes a green smoothie, I hover around to see if she’ll throw me a piece!
The Toy I Never Leave Home Without:  My stuffed froggie. I love how it squeaks when I bite its ass.
Designer Dream Item:  a completely obnoxious Louis Vuitton dog carrier. Just because when you say Louis Vuitton in Korean, it sounds like “Loo Pi-tong”
Where You'll Most Likely Spot This Barkista:  relaxing at home, or running around at Stush Music Studios
Favorite Website: – because even though I’m a schnauzer, I’m really Korean on the inside
My Halloween Costume:  I don’t believe in dressing up unless it’s for warmth. Thank goodness my mom feels the same way.  No antlers stapled to this girl!

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