Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Passports for Pets?

So, this past week while we were traveling, we got to thinking, wouldn't it be fun if pets had passports? We couldn't help but giggle at the thought of a customs agent (specifically the surly one we had...) stamping Paddington's imaginary passport.  

After a quick Google search, we failed to spot any such items on the market. Several pet travel document holders, but nothing as much fun as a Puppy Passport. (Or hello, how much fun would a pet travel document holder DECORATED like a passport be?) So, all of you pet entrepreneurs-- get on it! That's a free one from us here at Barkzilla :)

Anyway, we're back (!!) and we've got lots of exciting things in the works, including the revival of our Summer Hydration Series! FYI: if you can think up a cooler (harty-har-har, apparently vacation did not cure us of bad puns) name for this popular series, we'd love to hear it!


  1. Hi Barkistas,

    Here in the UK we've had a Pet Passport scheme for several years. Our little yorkie has her own official looking passport, similar to the UK people passport, with her photo, vaccination record (including rabies which she has to have for overseas travel) etc. It's renewable via her vet every two years and has to accompany her every time she leaves the UK.

    Sandra & Lucy Locket

  2. Hi Sandra and Lucy!

    OMD. Love this-- would love to see a pic of your pup's passport, it sounds just too cute to be true! Does your Yorkie get stamps in it every time she travels?


  3. oh my goodness that is too cute! it is a good idea though, for them to have a passport with all their info. :)

  4. I'll dig it out and take a photo. She doesn't get it stamped going out of the UK, but before she returns she has to have a vet check and he stamps it to confirm that she is fit and well to return to the UK.
    We have no rabies in the UK, but it is widespread in Europe and beyond, so our Pet Passport controls are in place to keep it out. Dogs can only get a passport if they are fully rabies vaccinated.

    It doesn't stop stupid people trying to smuggle animals into the UK though.... despite the fact that if they're caught they are subject to massive fines and/or imprisonment.

    Lucy gets her passport checked thoroughly when she comes back into the UK from abroad, but they don't even glance at ours!

    Sandra & Lucy x


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