Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Believe it or Not: Doggy Bunk Beds

So recently we've been a little radio silent because we've been in the processing of moving. Seriously? Never again.  Also, on a total sidebar, somehow the dog had more boxes than we had dinner plates.... Anyway, now that we're settled into our new digs, we can blog away again!

While cruising around Bed Bath & Beyond's site for a shower caddy, we somehow found ourselves in the pet section (ha... surprise, surprise) where we stumbled upon the coolest dog bed ever: That's right. Bunk beds. For dogs. What?!

Perfect for the two pet household, these solid wood beds come with two different sets of cushion covers and stands at just shy of 2 feet high. Though it will set you back roughly $300… I mean come on, doesn't your furry friend deserve a bunk bed?

Available online from Bed Bath & Beyond for $299.


  1. Ha! I'm curious to see if those would actually work. That's a pretty penny to test it out. :)

  2. These Beds are very funny. Whether the bed is really there for the dog? I only know that the bed of the kind usually for hamsters. If indeed there is, I also want to buy it for my dog.


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