Friday, June 10, 2011

Henri Bendel Puppy Travel Set

Once upon a time, travel used to be romantic: steamer trunks, fancy hat boxes, luggage that required a team of people to haul it around… Well, actually the last part of that dream doesn't have to die for your pup thanks to the Henri Bendel Puppy Travel Set!

This hat box-inspired bag, which features Bendel's iconic brown and white stripe print, is trimmed with Italian leather and includes a removable shoulder strap. Inside, you'll find everything your pooch needs to travel in luxury: a cashmere blanket, dog bed, aluminum bowl, rope chew bones and a ball.

Though the price is hefty ($495), if you're flying around this summer in your G6, it's really quite affordable, right? A dog and her girl can dream…. 


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