Monday, October 20, 2014

TailMix Grilled Sirloin Burgers - A Review

It is very rare in this household that we finish a bag of treats. It's not that we want to be wasteful (in fact, we often end up sharing the leftovers with our other canine pals), but what it comes down to is our Morkie is a super fussy eater. (My husband claims she gets this from me…. that is up for debate)

However, the ONE treat that never goes turned down are TailMix's Grilled Sirloin Burgers. Grain and gluten free, these treats are basically freeze dried little patties of USDA certified hormone free ground beef sirloin from Washington state. Made in the USA, you can serve them as is, crumble them on top of your pup's food or even rehydrate for a softer texture.

While Paddy is a big fan of the flavor (I swear she can hear the bag open from across the apartment), we love the transparency into what is in these treats. They're also the perfect size for special rewards (a little bit bigger than a quarter, but smaller than a half dollar). We were going to try and take a photo of Paddy with said treat to provide a sense of size… but she was overwhelmed by the deliciousness before we could snap a pic.

Available from national pet stores and online from One bag lasts us about a month and a half.

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