Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Just Right by Purina

We were recently invited to blog about the latest innovation in pet nutrition from Purina. Introducing, Just Right by Purina - a personalized dog food that combines an owners' first-hand knowledge of their dog and Purina's nutrition research to create the perfect blend to meet your dog's needs. Using information gleaned from specific questions about your dog's age, activity level, health, and body condition, Just Right by Purina then delivers your pooch's custom kibble straight to your front door.

For those pets that have grain or protein sensitivities, owners can also note this- taking the guess work out of what really byproducts could be going into your dog's food.

So, how does it work? It's super simple - head over to JustRightPetFood.com and create a profile for your pet. Next, answer questions about your dog to create your personalized blend, and voila! If you have any questions, Just Right by Purina has live experts on hand via online, chat or email to help.

As a pet parent who pays close attention to what her pup eats, I personally love the idea of knowing what -exactly- is in Paddy's kibble. We love that Paddy's specific needs can also be taken into account, and you can customize each order if necessary (ex. in winter we fight dry skin more frequently). Also, did we mention that all Just Right by Purina custom blends are made in the USA? Yup- in Iowa!

Starting at $24.99 for a 6lb bag (which is on par with the cost of most high-end dry dog food), shipping is included and owners can setup auto-fulfillment.

We are definitely looking forward to checking this out in more detail (as of now I'm traveling on the road for work a lot, so we're not going to mess with Paddy's current diet). What do you think? Is a custom blend of dog food something you'd do for your pup? 

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