Friday, October 18, 2013

Tagg Tracker: Day 1

We are so excited to be testing out the Tagg pet tracker for the next two weeks! This portable little GPS system attaches to your dog's collar to provide you with location updates via text/email. In addition to helping you locate an adventurous wandered, the Tagg can track your dog's daily activity and share information about your pet with your vet. Think of it as the canine FitBit! 

So far, setup has been a breeze and we've downloaded the Tagg app to our iPhone.  While we were slightly worried that the unit was going to be bulky/too big on our little 6 lb Morkie, so far she seems to be adjusting. Since the Tagg is designed for dogs that are around 10lbs, it is a little heavy on her collar and doesn't rest at the back of her neck, but we're going to play around with adjustments. 


Really looking forward to trying this out as we're looking at moving to the suburbs in the next year (GASP), where Paddy will have much more outdoor freedom. 

Paddy is resting up prior to an afternoon of fun! Will keep you updated :) 

Disclaimer: The Tagg tracker device was provided by PR for the purposes of review.


  1. I really wish they'd make smaller versions for small dogs....i'd love to get one for my yorkie, but he's barely 5lbs.

    1. Sounds like your Yorkie is around Paddy's size-- we're going to try attaching ours to her harness tomorrow. So far, she seems to be adjusting pretty well to it!


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