Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ricky's NYC Halloween Pup Pop-Up!

So, it's no secret that Halloween is one of our faaaaavvvoorrrrittteee holidays. And while the human residents of our apartment have lost the motivation to dress up, that doesn't mean that Paddy gets a free pass. (Much to her horror.... clearly.

This Halloween, costume HQ Ricky's is making it even easier to mortify your mutt by opening up their first-ever pet-only Halloween pop up shop! Featuring costumes, accessories, clothing, etc. this one stop shop has everything you'd ever need to create the perfect spooky/scary/cute/adorable getup. 

Located at 1276 Lexington on the Upper East Side (the corner of 86th street), we're planning on swinging by this weekend to scope out what this year's embarrassing options are. Mwahahaha! If you can't make it up north, most Ricky's in the city also carry a selection of doggy costumes.

Is your dog dressing up for Halloween? 

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