Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 4: Tagg Tracker in Action!

All right! So since getting our Tagg Tracker set up, we've had the opportunity to try it out in action. As you can see from our test subject's adorable photo above, the device is a little bulky on a dog that's less than 10 lbs. That said, it really hasn't been bothering her, though we have been unclipping it to and from her collar whenever she's in the "home zone". We also tried attaching it to her harness which worked well. Fortunately, the tracker comes with two sets of attachment clips, so we can leave one set up on her collar and another on the harness. Yay. 

So here's where we kind of hit a roadblock.... On Day 2 of our trial Tagg pushed an update to their system which was accompanied by some scheduled, and some not s scheduled downtime. Eek. Our tracker didn't update for two days and we couldn't figure out what was going on. Also, the Quick Start instruction guide that came with the device definitely did not have all the answers we would have liked-- visit their website to check out the PDF there, it's much more helpful! 

After overcoming those few little speed bumps, we've been on our way! We're still figuring out a bunch of different things, like how to set up our home zone, but hopefully we'll have some more time to figure all of these things out soon. 

Things we like so far: the push notifications we get on our phone whenever Paddy is on the move outside of her home area. Thanks to the Verizon 4G network, these updates are pretty much in real time, and when we did get the "Locate" feature working, cool to play with! We could definitely see how this would be beneficial if you were trying to track down an unaccompanied wanderer.

It does look like the activity tracker piece is being relaunched so we haven't had a chance to demo that, but will keep you updated!

The Tagg Tracker is available from most major retailers and also their website. I believe they also have a Halloween deal going on: 20% off with code BOO13. 

Disclaimer: We received this device courtesy of PR in exchange for our fair and honest review. For more information about our policies, please view the disclaimer section of our blog. 

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