Thursday, March 31, 2011

#ThursdayBling: Color Paw Glitter Polish

Glitter nail "pawlish" for your pup. 

We have nothing else to say. Since we're not even sure how we feel about dogs with painted nails, we're going to withhold judgment. Dogs with manicures on the other hand... well they're OK. Sigh. It's just been one of those weeks (we blame Mercury going into retrograde soon)...

Use it as a top coat or as a stand alone polish. Formaldehyde free, the formula is also designed to dry quickly. 

Available in a variety of shades (purple, pink, blue, silver, etc.) from Petkaboodle for $4.99 each.


  1. I don't know what to say either :p I suppose a dog that lives in a purse might want to have nails that match it.

    HOWEVER, I must admit to wanting to paint Georgia's nails green for St Pattie's last year, just because she's [supposedly] part Irish. I forgot. The day passed. But I still have that bright green [human] nail polish waiting for another suitable time to embarrass my pigdog.

    Reading this post, I wonder if it would be suitable or safe for use on dogs. I can see why a quick dry formula might be necessary.

  2. How does a dog stay still long enough for the polish to dry. I think it's a little too much for you pups.


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