Monday, March 21, 2011

Read All About It: Dog Walks Man!

Over the last month, we've had the pleasure of enjoying "Dog Walks Man: A Six-Legged Odyssey," which features a series of "bite-size" meditations "derived from dogs and dog walking." 

If you've ever walked a dog, you know that there is a big difference between taking a stroll with your pup and "just" walking. With a four-legged friend at your side, neighborhoods, sidewalks and landmarks take on whole new characteristics. 

The author of Dog Walks Man, John Zeaman, who is an art critic for the NJ-based Star -Ledger and The Record, invites us along on his physical and philosophical dog walking journeys as he joins the fraternity of suburban dog walkers. What we enjoyed most about the book (besides of course, Zeaman's pet-centric poetic prose), is that the book is broken up in vignettes-- perfect for all of us who have dogs that would rather we pay attention them than read at any given time. It's also a nice "adult" break from books like "Marley and Me"for real, not all animal books should require a box of tissues. Though some of the Zeaman's stories are a little blah, just like dog walks-- they can't always be exciting, and at the end of the day we always enjoy them anyway! (....And yes, that last sentence clearly illustrates why we don't have a book deal yet.)

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  1. Hi there. This is totally unrelated to the post but I was wondering if you still feed Paddy the Honest Kitchen dog food. I am wanting to switch Emmy off of Royal Canin. She loves it a little tooo much. I know it is supposed to stimulate her appetite but she is obsessed. She will fall asleep by her bowl waiting for her next meal. I took her to the vet and nothing is wrong with her at all so I am wondering if it is the food. It is very strange. Anyway, I want to go a little more natural and I was just checking to see if you still love the food. Thanks!

  2. This looks great! I love reading short essays. And I'm NOT a fan of sad dog books. AT ALL. :D

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  4. I have to agree with you that there is a big difference between taking a stroll with your pup and "just" walking. I can't wait to read this book.

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