Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paws For Thought

The Search Dog Foundation hits the ground running in Japan. 
Image from their website.


As the world continues to watch as Japan recovers from last week's massive earthquake and tsunami, we just wanted to take a moment to spotlight the ways that you can help the people and animals affected by this tragedy.

In addition to making contributing to organizations like the Red Cross, groups like World Vets International, which is a non-governmental organization that provides animals with aid around the world, are also in need of donations. The World Vets International team is currently on the ground working with Japanese animal welfare groups, and they are posting regular updates on their website.

The California based Search Dog Foundation is also responding to the disaster in Japan and have deployed 6 search and rescue dog teams to help find those still trapped in the rubble. You can help support the organization or make a donation by visiting their web page, and get regular updates from their team here.

We hope that even if you are unable to give to any of the amazing aid groups currently on the ground in Japan, that you will keep those affected in your thoughts and prayers.

The Barkistas

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