Monday, September 27, 2010

Sexy Beast. Rawr.

With notes of bergamot, vanilla-infused musk, natural patchouli, mandarin, and nutmeg oils, Sexy Beast is a grown-up scent for your pup-- boys and girls alike! Formulated to not be offensive to your pet's sensitive sense of smell, it's also hypo-allergenic and paraben free, and oh yeah, smells good too!

While the price tag is a little steep ($50 for 1.7 oz), one spritz will do the trick. Though we were originally skeptical about buying "fragrance" for our Barkista, we couldn't resist after she came back from a grooming session smelling fabulous. In addition, as she's often out in the public eye, we're always conscious of the way she smells in-between baths, and Sexy Beast is a nice alternative to our regular Olive Dog Lavender Spray. For more information, visit:

What grooming product do you splurge on?

xoxo The Barkistas

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