Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Louisdog Fall '10

So in the spirit of New York Fashion Week… we bring you this interesting furry "faux paw"…. (har har har, can you tell we're running on little sleep and massive amounts of caffeine?)

First, we are HUGE fans of Louisdog's adorable clothes and accessories for little dogs. Albeit, too expensive for our budget, their designs are simply put: adorable.  However, we're not sure what to think about one accessories from their fall line… not quite jewelry, not quite functional dog-wear… it's, um… "interesting."  

The Louisdog Leo POMPOM, seen here in pink

A collaboration between Louisdog and jewelry designer Veronica B., the Louisdog Leo POMPOM necklace features 3 faux fur balls and 2 round gems on a gold chain.

So, Barkistas-- is the POMOPOM fashion forward for fall or a big ol' "fur pas"? (Seriously, cracking myself up…)

Available from FunnyFur.com in pink or blue for $52.00.

xoxo The Barkistas

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