Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services Compared

For some reason, we automatically assumed that Lady would not be a picky eater. I mean, after all, she couldn't be pickier than Paddington, right? 😂 Well, it looks like we have one of the fussiest Bernedoodles ever! We've tried almost everything, and so far what works is dry food (Blue Buffalo), and some type of topper/wet food. The funny part is she won't eat the same type of topper more than 1 or 2 days in a row, no matter how hungry she should be.

Since I'd really like to not be preparing three meals at dinner time (husband, kid, and now dog), I've been looking into fresh pet food delivery again. It's been a while since we've explored this an option (oh my gosh, I remember looking into the first "fresh" pet food options like 10 years ago that came frozen like TV dinners), I figured why not take a look at the market.

The great news is that there are TONS of options that have really great looking ingredients and recipes for dogs of all types. The bad news is it's going to cost you a pretty penny. 

We filled out questionnaires for THE FARMER'S DOG, NOM NOM NOW, PET PLATE, and OLLIE just to see what the average cost per meal was going to be for a 48 lb dog of healthy body shape and average energy, and here's the breakdown:

The Farmer's Dog: $64.09 / week
Nom Nom Now: $30.80 / week
Pet Plate: $53.97 / week
Ollie:  $39.33 / week

So on average that is $42.21 / week, which comes to a whopping $2,455 a year.

I did the math out and right now we spend about $800 a year on dog food, so that's a pretty substantial leap. (Lady gets her dry food, topper/wet food, and then fresh healthy veggies/fruit/meat.)

Now, if you wanted to JUST use the fresh food as a topper (which is personally what I think is the best option), only some services seem to offer that. It's still not cheap, but it does seem do-able.

I wasn't able to see what our schedule modification options unless I enrolled for the services, so I'm not sure what customization you can do. I also don't know what the in person quality of this food is like since I'm still on the fence about signing up for a free trial. I guess if Lady really loved it, it might be a worthwhile investment but I'm just not sure if cost-wise it would be sustainable.

We're going to keep investigating, but for the hassle of signing up, trialing, and then modifying our subscription on a regular basis not sure if it is worth it. What has your experience been with fresh pet food delivery services? 


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