Sunday, June 28, 2020

BarkYard Lawn Saving Kits

So remember when we posted last year about our dog-related lawn woes? Well, it turns out the bigger the dog, the bigger the problem 😳 While we sure do love Lady, our pretty green lawn definitely doesn't appreciate regular daily doses of nitrogen and salt containing pee.

Look - I made your lawn all pretty and polka-dotted!

Since we've already tried supplements and Dog Rocks with Paddy, we didn't even both giving it a go this time. I guess Google must be listening to our problems, because lately I've been served up a million ads for BarkYard - a DIY lawn saving/regrowing kit. Formulated for Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, or fescue lawns (which, based on our basic knowledge are grasses you'll find in climates that are cooler), there are two products: Good Boy and Bad Spot. Good Boy is packed full of nutrients and fertilizers to help support a lush lawn, while Bad Spot contains seed and everything you need to repair those bald spots.

From what we can tell it looks like you can apply both as needed. If you treat your lawn during the spring/summer/fall I'm not sure how that might impact the ability to grow new grass. That's a question for the experts 😂

A small kit that covers about 1,000 sq feet contains both Good Boy and Bad Spot and will set you back $67.99, with an additional discount if you do subscribe and save.

So - what do you think? What works for keeping your yard looking happy and healthy? BarkYard people, if you're out there and you see this - get in touch!


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