Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I and Love and You's Free Range Bully Stix Reviewed

While on the smaller side, our local Whole Foods actually cares a pretty decent range of healthy options for your pup. As we all know, rawhide is a definite doggy no-no in our household. While most grocery stores stock lots of rawhide options, we were super psyched to discover Whole Foods carries "I and Love and You" free range bully stix. We were not super familiar with the brand, but after doing some research decided to pick up a bag on a recent grocery run.

Sourced from free range Brazilian cattle, "I and Love and You's" chews are high in protein and a good way to naturally support dental health (bye bye tartar). They're also easily digestible (which is why we choose bully stix over rawhide), and help promote healthy joints.

Chewing is my day job.
Paddy is a pretty hard core chewer, however these 6" treats will last her at least a few days. These resealable packs contain five chews, and retail for around $18 or $19 dollars (so that's like $3 and change per chew, WHICH is cheaper than our local fancy pet store's free range stix). We are super interested in checking out some of their other products and snacks, and will be keeping an eye out in for them in the future when we venture to the larger Whole Foods in the neighborhood next door.

For more information, check out "I and Love and You's" website or head to your local Whole Foods. Happy snacking!

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