Monday, April 6, 2015

Earth Rated Lavender Bags - A Review

The other day while walking, we found ourselves trying to calculate just how many poop bags we've used over the last eight or so years. When you consider that each walk uses at least one, the number is staggering! Fortunately, the great folks at Earth Rated Products have a way to make picking up after your pup less stinky and also more environmentally friendly.

This past week they sent us some of their lovely lavender scented poop bags to check out. While we weren't sure if scented bags were going to make a difference, the jury is in: they definitely do! What's particularly nice about Earth Rated's lavender bags is that the scent is not over powering, it's subtle and just enough to cover any nasty smells without being too much.

In addition to smelling nice, Earth Rated's bags are also environmentally friendly - which, when you start thinking about how many bags a day you're using is actually very important. The corn-based bags are 100% non-plastic, and the inner rolls are made from recycled material. Even though the bags aren't plastic, they offer nice protection from the stuff you're picking up and don't feel like they're going to tear or break (seriously, one of our worst fears).

Interestingly, Paddy is also apparently a big fan of the lavender, and tried abscond with a box of bags before we could even open them! 

Earth Rated also sent us one of their bag holders which features a clasp that makes it much easier to get the dispenser on/off a leash (let's be real, Paddy has many leashes that she likes to show off). We haven't tried fitting their bags into our older holder yet, but from our eyeballing it looks like they should be compatible.

To buy your own Earth Rated scented or unscented bags and dispenser, visit their website to locate a store near you or online. A quick check on Amazon shows that their products eligible for Prime (yay!) and also are very reasonably priced: $6.99 for 120 bags, i.e. a two month supply if you use two bags a day.

Overall, we're now big fans of Earth Rated, not only are their products great but we love their mission statement and company ethos. And knowing how easy it is to restock (yay Amazon Prime), we will definitely be ordering up when our current supply runs out.

Disclaimer: We received samples from Earth Rated for the purpose of review. For more information on our review policy, please view our disclaimer page. 

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