Sunday, January 25, 2015

PetSmile Pet Toothpaste Review

So far, we've been doing well with our NYE Resolution to brush Paddy's teeth at least three times a week. While we've been liking the Arm & Hammer Pet Dental Wipes we reviewed previously, we get the sense they're best for in-between more thorough cleanings. To get to the teeth in the back of Paddy's mouth, you also have to stick your finger pretty far back, which is neither a pleasant a experience for me or her.

Fortunately, the folks at PetSmile sent us a sample of their Professional Pet Toothpaste and Pet Toothpaste Applicators to test out and we loved them both!

So, how does PetSmile's toothpaste work? It contains Calprox, which helps to remove the thin laye rod protein buildup on your pet's teeth onto which stains and bacteria adhere. Removing said bacteria helps to keep your pup's mouth bacteria free, leaving it smelling fresher, looking cleaner and hopefully more plaque free.

Paddy really liked the flavor of this toothpaste (beef), which made it a lot easier to even start the cleaning process. The Toothbrush Applicators are also a GAME CHANGER. Not only can you really polish each tooth and get in-between the nooks and cranes of your dog's teeth, but you can also get to those hard to reach spots in the back. Using one hand to gently open her mouth, we could reach the teeth all the way in the back that hardly ever see the light of day! What's even better is the applicators are disposable, so no cleaning out/drying a toothbrush. It literally took us less than 5 minutes to do her full mouth.

The PetSmile Toothbrush Applicators are sold in packs of 50 from their website for $9, while the toothpaste (4.5oz) retails for $25. Though it's on the pricier side, if Paddy is a fan and it makes taking care of her teeth easier, we're down - especially when considering the costs associated with bad doggy dental hygiene.

Disclaimer: We received samples of both of the mentioned products for the purpose of review. For more details about our review policy, please view our disclaimer

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