Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mark & Graham Doggy "Business Bags"

Every dog owner has one. Yep. I'm talking about the iconic bone-shaped bag holder. You've probably got one hanging off of your leash, right?

While we've had ours forever (and are oddly, somewhat attached), two things:

One: We frequently drop it on the floor, which I'm pretty sure our downstairs neighbors hate (sorry...)
Two: It's really not the most chic way to tote your bags.... preferably we'd like one that is a little more subtle about its purpose

Fortunately, for the discerning canine and owner duo, Mark & Graham have an introduced a stylish alternative. Their "Business Bag" is crafted from Italian leather and comes in a variety of colors (our favorite is the orange!). Smaller than a medium Milkbone, it easily clips on and off your leash and can be monogrammed (yay!). While it's a little pricier than the plastic alternative ($39), can you really put a price on style? Well... I guess you can, but we think the cost is worth it :)

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