Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Plush Luxe Pet Beds

So, how much is too much to spend on a bed for your furry friend? 

We ask this question, because we've got our eye on this super luxe pet bed from Plush. What makes their pet beds different is the "nestable" pillow surface inside that allows Fido to snuggle and adjust everything to his/her liking. (We've all seen our dog do that weird digging/turning/circle thing before settling down for a nap, right?)

Ringing up at $132.95 for the small, it's somewhat of an investment, but we kind of secretly know that Paddy would love it... and we are particularly enamored with the Madeleine, with its sophisticated (but girly) combo of pink and grey.

That said, Paddy has kind of a similar setup now - though by no means as glamorous, which probably cost us less than $20 which seems to be just fine.

I guess our little pup can keep dreaming :)

How much have you spent on your dog's bed? What is the most you would fork out? 


  1. We bought the Plush bed after looking around at other models. We looked at Bowser, Jax and Bones, LL Bean and Orvis, and decided on the Plush because the fabric was better quality and it was still cheaper than all the others mentioned. The entire thing comes apart for washing and looks like new even after 4 months of use and 6 washings.

    1. Does your dog love it? Trying not to break the bank since it is the holiday season, but it does look sooo cozy! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  2. Here is a video of Moses the family cat getting the Blanketed Pet Bed from Plush Pet Company on Christmas 2014. He thinks its the PURRRFECT gift… Thank you so much Salazar family for sharing this with us. It made our Christmas morning even more special. -Plush https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLxgVM_aDP8


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