Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pet Travel Tips 2014

This is how we roll: Sleepypod Air and Found My Dog Leash

It seems like more and more dogs are flying the friendly skies these days! Paddy is now officially a member of the canine jet-set and done the cross-country trip twice! Traveling with your pooch for the first time can be a bit harrowing, so we thought we'd share a few tips in the hopes that they'll be helpful for others.

- An airline friendly, comfy carrier is a must. We absolutely swear by our Sleepypod Air (you can find our review here). Not only does it provide excellent ventilation and visibility, but it also comfortably fits under the seat in front of you, even if you're stuck in a middle seat (sighhh). Because Paddy is only around 6.5 lbs, there is also ample room for her to move, stretch and sprawl. The Sleepypod also comfortably fits over the handle of a rolling suitcase, which is extra handy when you're juggling tickets, bags and an ID at the airport.

- Lookup your airport's pet relief areas in advance. We went all 1990's and even printed them out. Seriously, so clutch.

Lookup your airline's pet restrictions/rules/regulations. Fact: if you are flying first class on planes with lie-flat seats, your dog CANNOT sit next to you. This may cause both you and your pup anxiety… thus it's a good idea to check this out in advance.

- Make a reservation for your pet. Most airlines require you to call in advance and make a reservation for your pet as there is a limit to the number of animals allowed in the cabin.

- Treats. We selected some of Paddy's favorites to keep her happy on the journey, just make sure to choose something that does not create a huge mess, or generate a lot of thirst.

- Hydrate. While guzzling water before a 6 hour flight is probably not a great idea, make sure to pack a little travel bowl to help keep your pup comfortable.

Wipes, extra bags, etc. We filled a giant ziplock with extras/backups of things that we may need in case we got delayed. Keep it in your carry on bag.

- Toys and Blanket. The floor of the plane can sometimes get a bit cool, especially if the plane is blasting AC. We packed a little hoodie for Paddy along with one of her favorite blankets, as well as her toy bunny (which she used as a pillow, no joke). Things that smell nice and familiar can be soothing :)

And finally, it never hurts to talk to your vet. If you are nervous about your dog traveling for the first time, or know that they're not fans of the road, your vet may be able to help prescribe something to keep them calm.

How often do you hit the road with your pooch?

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