Saturday, January 25, 2014

January 2014 Barkbox Review

As you may know, we are long-time Barkbox subscribers. Don't ask, but I swear somehow Paddy knows when that box arrives that it's for her. We thought it might be helpful for those that are on the fence about signing up, some of the things we got in our January box.

Why do we Barkbox? While we live in NYC and there are a plethora of doggie products at our disposal, Barkbox brings all of this cool stuff to our door. Though it has been a little treat heavy for small dogs (and we've passed this feedback back to the powers that be), it's been nice to have a few new toys and goodies to change things up. ESPECIALLY since it has been freezing this winter, and Paddy has had a LOT of indoor time. (Yep, I am -that- pet parent.)

In the span of time since we got the box (aka yesterday), Paddy had already consumed the bullystick and we had lost the insert card, so we apologize that our picture isn't complete nor do we have the "official names" for one or two items. This month our small dog box contained a Harry Barker rope toy, a rubbery chew bone, Louisiana Alligator Jerky treats, and Barksters Sweet Potato & Beef Krisps (which may look so tasty that my husband may have asked to try them…).

To sign up, or gift, a Barkbox subscription, head to their website. It's also worthwhile noting that last year we spotted Barkbox subscriptions on sites like, so keep your eyes peeled throughout the year for some additional saving opportunities! If you're already a subscriber, it's a good way to extend your subscription at a slight discount.


  1. I've seen that alligator jerky for sale and wondered how it was! Barkbox looks like a great (and fun) service.

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