Friday, January 3, 2014

California, Here We Come!

Soooo... in big 2014 news, the Barkistas are going to be relocating. Yes, it's sad but true-- we are going to be bidding farewell to NYC and headed to the West Coast! While it's been an amazing almost-seven years, we're looking forward to some sunshine and warm weather.

That said, when it's comes to our cross-country move, the first thing that came to mind was how Paddy was going to make the journey. While we've taken her on train and car trips, this is going to be the first time she's been on a plane since she arrived from the midwest. Though we have no doubts that she'll be an expert flyer, and we're probably more anxious about it than she will be, we are in the process of looking for airline friendly in-cabin carriers so we can start getting her acclimated and familiar with the bag. We've heard good things about the Sleepypod and Sherpa Bags, but aren't sure if there are other candidates we should be keeping in the mix.

How does your dog travel in style?

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