Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Holiday Gift Idea: @PotteryBarn's Doggy Storage Chests

Well, this is at the top of our holiday list. 

So far, we're loving Pottery Barn's dog-focused additions to their line of home goods, and these bone-shaped storage chests are just the bee's knees! If you're doing the apartment living thing like us, odds are you have one main space that is your family-living-dinning-study-room, that also doubles as your dog's main hangout. These adorable wicker baskets make it easy to store your dog's stuff in a way that is attractive and won't detract from your decor.

While the price tag may keep you from picking them up "just because," we're thinking of filling them with dog treats/toys and giving them as gifts to our favorite four-legged friends this holiday season. Fill the chest with goodies and tissue paper, tie it with a bow, and voila!

Available in small ($69) and large ($99) sizes from Pottery Barn's website.


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